How can we master the art of Healthy Ageing?

“Small, consistent habits can lead to significant health improvements over time.” – Dr. James Clear

Mastering the art of Healthy Ageing can be undertaken at any point of life. The idea is to understand that sooner or later, age will catch up with us and it’s better to be prepared early on than to be sorry.

What is ageing healthily?

Ageing healthily means optimizing our mental and physical health as we get older. It means giving up on excesses that can lead to health complications later in life and building healthy and workable routines.

It also means taking steps towards embracing a holistic lifestyle with a healthy focus – from food to exercise, stress reduction and changing the over-all attitude towards life.

The power of exercise –

“Exercise is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth.” – Dr. Ronald Petersen

Healthy Ageing

Exercising is key to good health no matter the age. You can develop routines that would ensure bone and joint health and tone down in other areas. Strength training is ideal as you get older – strength training engages the muscles and prevent loss of muscle mass, ensuring the muscles will stay active and healthy as you get older.

Exercising as you get older will also keep you alert, improving your mental wellbeing and enable you to retain physical qualities that matter as you get older – balance and flexibility.

You can change routines as you become stronger – great options are swimming, walking and and Pilates.

Nutrition is key to healthy ageing –

“A healthy diet can help you look and feel younger, both inside and out.” – Dr. Amy Miller

As you get older, you must be able to optimize your nutritional intake by choosing the right kind of food.

Cutting down refined carbs and sugar means building a healthier diet based on plenty of fruits, vegetables, wholegrain fibre, legumes and greens. You must be able to build a daily diet based on these healthy and wholesome food as you get older.

Also reducing portion size would help in ensuring over-all good health. You can reduce portions over a selected time period, allowing yourself to reduce the amount as you go along. Once you are able to establish regular portions, you can be sure you are on your way to eating healthily.

Mental wellness is a priority as you get older –

“Mental health is just as important as physical health in ageing gracefully.” – Dr. Laura Carstensen

Prioritising mental health is vital as you seek to embrace healthy ageing. Taking time to rest and recover, reducing stress levels are key to ensuring you do not endanger your mental wellbeing.

Reducing the chances of getting dementia is also vital. This means engaging in pursuits such as puzzles, memory games, engaging in social activities such as belonging to a club etc and choosing to stay alert mentally.

Engage with people, find time to make small talk which is very important to ensure you stay alert as the process of ageing sets in.

Go to sleep on time – Healthy Ageing

  “Quality sleep is a pillar of healthy ageing.” – Dr. Matthew Walker

Many people find it difficult to sleep as they get older but going to sleep is a process that you can master if you want to. It involves going to bed at the same time every day. Sleep is vital when you get older and will ensure your health is not compromised.

If your sleep is compromised, your overall health will be impacted and you will suffer from lack of sleep which can be detrimental to your health.

Manage your stress –

“Managing stress is crucial for both mental and physical health.” – Dr. Herbert Benson

Make it a point to manage your stress as much as you can. It must be a deliberate and a decided act on your behalf. Avoid a high level of stress and try to stay calm even in difficult situations ; it must be a mindset to master as you get older.

Develop a supportive network and focus on what needs to done – meditation and mindfulness are excellent options to avoid stress and focus on positive outcomes in life.

Develop healthy habits –

“Small, consistent habits can lead to significant health improvements over time.” – Dr. James Clear

Living healthily means ageing healthily. Develop small yet important habits as you get older. Giving up smoking, moderate drinking and eating along with finding time to engage in hobbies are vital aspects of getting older in a healthy manner.

Remember that ageing is not a choice but choosing to age healthily is indeed a choice within the grasp of all of us. We can aspire to living healthier lives as we get older and ensure that we do not become a burden to society or to our families.