Sri Lanka’s traditional heirloom rice varieties have made a successful comeback to the dining table. Rice varieties that used to be farmed in Sri Lanka centuries ago, have been picked up in the 21st century, sealing their power packed nutrient content. What is special about the Sri Lank’s traditional heirloom rice varieties and why do they stand out for their power packed content?

Sri Lanka’s traditional heirloom rice varieties – healthy & full of natural goodness –

Sri Lanka’s traditional heirloom rice varieties were known for their goodness centuries ago. As an agrarian society with rice growing and farming at its core, Sri Lanka was always rice centric yet the varieties were those that were home grown and suitable for the island’s inhabitants.

Sri Lanka’s traditional heirloom rice varieties are low in GI, healthy and full of natural bran that makes them more super foods than just rice.

What are Sri Lanka’s Traditional Heirloom Rice Varieties?

Among these are kinds of rice that have been grown from the time of ancient kings – they were typic ally cultivated by farmers of different regions. For an example, Kuruluthuda is harvested in areas with a high saline content in the soil. This variety is considered ideal to manage blood sugar levels and is rich in protein, fibre and zinc. It is also said to control cholesterol.

Sri Lanka’s traditional heirloom rice varieties also include Suwandel, which is said to have been cooked for royalty during ancient times. Suwandel is fragrant when cooked and is said to contain micronutrients, vitamins while reducing high blood pressure.

Other rice varieties include Madathawalu, Pachchaperumal, Kalu Heenati, Maavi and Dikwee. In addition to these, there are many other varieties which have been hidden under sands of time but now have been discovered thanks to a renewed interest in the natural goodness of these power packed super food.

Why are they known as superfood?

Sri Lanka’s heirloom rice is known as a healthy superfood that boosts the immune system and provides nutrients rich in natural goodness.

Unlocking the Health Benefits of Sri Lanka’s Traditional Heirloom Rice

Among the naturally occurring nutrients found in Sri Lanka’s Traditional Heirloom Rice are as follows.

Unsaponifiables – Nature’s Remedy for Arthritis Relief

A natural remedy for arthritis patients, unsaponifiables is found in the traditional heirloom rice and is said to provide anti-inflammatory properties, offering relief and comfort to those battling arthritis.

Harnessing the Power of Phytonutrients

Elevate your health with the anti-inflammatory prowess of phytonutrients found abundantly in traditional heirloom rice. These compounds promote healthy liver function while combating inflammation throughout the body.

Lignans: Guardians Against Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

Lignins provides protection from cancer and cardiovascular disease as a natural compounds found in traditional heirloom rice. Lignans not only lower cancer risk but also impede the progression of cancer cells and reduce LDL cholesterol levels, promoting heart health and vitality.

Amylose and Amylopectin: Balancing Fiber and Glycemic Index

Traditional heirloom rice helps you optimize your diet with the high fibre content and low glycemic index induced by amylose and amylopectin. Diabetics are recommended a diet rich in amylose, as it promotes a slower insulin response, preventing rapid spikes in glucose levels. Research suggests that an amylose-rich diet may also play a role in preventing colon cancer and heart disease, offering a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Essential Potassium for Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

Maintain optimal fluid and electrolyte balance in your body with the essential nutrient potassium, found in traditional heirloom rice. A deficiency in potassium can lead to fatigue, irritability, and hypertension, underscoring the importance of incorporating potassium-rich foods into your diet.

Gamma Oryzanol: A Multifaceted Health Booster

Experience the multifaceted benefits of gamma oryzanol found exclusively in traditional heirloom rice and bran wheat. This remarkable compound promotes fat metabolism, lowers LDL cholesterol levels, reduces hyperlipidemia and triglycerides, increases testosterone levels, and stimulates the release of endorphins. Additionally, gamma oryzanol promotes the growth of lean muscle tissue and enhances insulin sensitivity in diabetics, offering a comprehensive approach to health and vitality.

Protein: The Building Blocks of Health

Nourish your body with protein, essential for the growth and maintenance of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Contrary to popular belief, traditional rice offers a substantial amount of protein, making it a viable option for meeting your nutritional needs.

Fiber – Fueling Your Body with Essential Nutrition

Indulge in the fiber-rich goodness of traditional rice, offering a remarkable 14.0% of the daily value for fiber in just one cup. Harnessing the power of fiber, Sri Lanka’s traditional heirloom rice promotes healthy bowel function, aiding in weight loss and optimizing metabolic function. Experience the satisfaction of feeling full despite consuming smaller portions after enjoying a nourishing bowl of our rice.

Essential Phosphorus for Optimal Health

Your body needs essential phosphorus, vital for proper cell functioning, calcium regulation, and strong bones and teeth. Phosphorus also plays a key role in ATP production, providing energy to our cells. Avoid the pitfalls of phosphorus deficiency, which can manifest as lowered appetite, anemia, muscle pain, improper bone formation, numbness, and a weakened immune system, by incorporating our nutrient-rich traditional rice into your diet.

Iron-Rich Rice for Vitality and Well-Being

Replenish your body’s iron stores with the iron-rich traditional heirloom rice, essential for hemoglobin and myoglobin production, facilitating oxygen transport in the blood and supporting muscle function.

Vitamin B6: Nurturing Your Central Nervous System

Promote a healthy central nervous and immune system with vitamin B6, a vital nutrient found in abundance in Sri Lankan traditional heirloom rice. Vitamin B6 aids in normal cellular growth, healthy skin, and the conversion of food into energy.

Essential Tryptophan for Protein Synthesis

Fuel your body with essential tryptophan, an amino acid crucial for protein synthesis and overall health. The traditional heirloom rice provides a rich source of tryptophan, supporting muscle growth, cognitive function, and overall well-being.

Vitamin B1 and B3: Vital for Optimal Health

Your heart, nervous system, and metabolism depend on vitamin B1 and B3 as essential nutrients found in traditional heirloom rice varieties. Vitamin B1 optimizes circulation, blood formation, and muscle tone, while vitamin B3 supports a healthy nervous system, skin, and digestive function. Incorporate our vitamin B-rich rice into your diet to enjoy enhanced energy levels, better blood circulation, and overall vitality.

With the nutrient-rich Sri Lankan traditional heirloom rice, you can unlock a myriad of health benefits, ranging from improved digestion and stable blood sugar levels to enhanced energy and vitality. Experience the wholesome goodness of these power packed rice varietiesfor your personal journey of wellness towards optimal health and well-being.