Satynmag AICPA&CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2024

Satynmag AICPA&CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards have been recognized as the singular accolades in Sri Lanka dedicated towards empowering  women in the workplace. The awards acknowledge organizations that champion gender inclusivity and women’s empowerment within the corporate landscape, making them stakeholders in the journey of empowering women at work in the country.

Pioneering Change Since 2021 – Satynmag AICPA&CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards

Launched in 2021, the awards have swiftly gained momentum, attracting a growing number of participants dedicated to cultivating a women-friendly work environment. The Satynmag AICPA&CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards were introduced in 2021, with an aim to recognize companies demonstrating an unwavering commitment to fostering gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity within their organizational structures. This initiative resonates profoundly with organizations, aligning seamlessly with the growing awareness of the pivotal role women play in the workplace.

Acknowledging a Strong Commitment to Equality

“The Awards acknowledge a conscious effort to make the workplace female-friendly and ensure equity,” says Prof Arosha Adikaram, Chair Professor of Human Resources Management at the University of Colombo and Head of the Panel of Judges. “Companies dedicated to ensuring women’s safety, career growth and empowerment are also committed towards maintaining a fair representation of females at all levels, indicating a commitment to overcoming challenges.”

Data-Driven Insights Shape Progress of Satynmag AICPA&CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards

Dr Adikaram states that a significant facet of the awards was the analysis of data and experiences from participating companies. Insights brought out ranged from enabling women to enter traditionally male-dominated sectors, like the automobile industry, to providing support for victims of domestic violence. These valuable insights were shared online at the launch of the Women Friendly Workplace Awards in 2023.

A Beacon of Change for Working Women in Sri Lanka

“The Awards have become an icon of changing dynamics in the area of greater inclusion for women in the Sri Lankan workplace,” says Zahara Ansary, FCMA (UK), CGMA, Country Manager for AICPA&CIMA in Sri Lanka and a member of the panel of judges. “We have witnessed the transforming impact it has had on the entire landscape of women in the Sri Lankan workplace.

Every year, when we share our findings with the audience at the Awards Night, we find more organizations taking on the best practices and improving lives of the women in their workplace. The more women in the workforce, and the better they are treated will result in better financial results for organizations whilst also helping the Sri Lankan economy “

Advocating for Gender Inclusivity

“As an HR professional, witnessing more companies showcase their efforts to create gender-inclusive workplaces is key to gaining more traction for gender inclusivity in the corporate world,” says Ken Vijayakumar, President of CIPM and member of the panel of judges.

Encouraging Women in STEM

“It is timely for Sri Lankan organizations to encourage more women in STEM,” says Dr Beshan Kulapala, tech entrepreneur, Co-Founder/Director/CEO of Cyrus and panel of judges’ member. “Globally, as the world shifts to more technology, women entering tech is both relevant and vital for the future.” 

Nayomini R Weerasooriya, Founder Editor of and a member of the panel of judges, says that the growing trend of companies committed to bridging the gender gap in traditionally male-dominated sectors is noteworthy. “Organizations are also investing in continuous training and upskilling to support women in career growth, ensuring a pipeline of qualified female leaders for the future.” 

In conclusion, the Satynmag – AICPA&CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards are not just accolades; they represent a commitment to reshaping the narrative of women in the Sri Lankan workplace, fostering an environment where women can thrive, excel, and lead. The journey continues, and the awards serve as a beacon, guiding organizations towards a future of true gender inclusivity and empowerment.

Applications for 2024 edition of the Satynmag AICPA&CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards can be downloaded from For more information, call Kishnika at AICPA&CIMA on 077 2333004 or Kisuri at on 074 0135313.