Acentura Promotes Women-Friendly Workplace Initiatives

Acentura, a leading IT firm with a workforce of over 180 professionals, continues to demonstrate its dedication to fostering a women-friendly workplace environment. The company actively champions gender equality and inclusivity through various strategic initiatives designed to empower and support women in the technology sector setting a new standard.

Commitment to a Women-Friendly Workplace

“Our unwavering dedication to empowering women in the tech industry is embodied in our comprehensive initiatives,” states Ramani Jayasekara, Director of Software Delivery and Strategic Business Unit Head. “Our holistic approach includes mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities, flexible work arrangements, and amenities designed to support women’s well-being, demonstrating our dedication to creating a truly inclusive environment.”

Ramani Jayasekara – Director of Software Delivery and Strategic Business Unit Head

Gender Equality and Anti-Bias Initiatives

Acentura is committed to advancing gender equality and mitigating bias through the implementation of gender-neutral policies and practices across all levels of the organization. This commitment is evident in the composition of our workforce, where women represent 48% of employees and hold over 85 key positions, ranging from interns to senior leadership roles.

We take pride in our transparent hiring practices and equitable promotion criteria, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees,” stated Shamilka De Alwis, Manager of Talent Acquisition in the Human Resource Management department. “We are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and impartiality in our hiring process through strategies such as blind resume reviews and diverse interview panels composed of both female and male professionals. This emphasis on diversity not only enriches our workplace culture but also stimulates innovation and creativity.”

Shamilka De Alwis – Manager of Talent Acquisition

Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

Acentura recognizes the vital importance of work-life balance, particularly for women who often juggle multiple responsibilities. To support employees and promote women’s empowerment, the company offers flexible working hours, remote work options, and comprehensive maternity and paternity leave policies. While adhering to the standard company hours and online work policies, special circumstances are prioritized and accommodated by allocating necessary time and resources without any gender bias.

In full compliance with statutory regulations, Acentura provides 84 working days of maternity leave on confinements, ensuring that a mother can focus on her family well-being and care for her newborns without financial concerns. Paternity leave of 1 working day is offered encouraging the husband to be with his partner in the most wanted time and get him involvement from the earliest stages of their child’s life. Flexible work hours/arrangements along with feeding intervals, for a graceful period upon the expiry of the maternity, ensures that mothers are given more freedom to manage their work and family obligations with no stress while adopting to new life with greater responsibilities.

As Avanthi Perera, Software Quality Assurance Lead and a devoted mother, aptly puts it, “Happy WIFE…MOM…LEADER… All possible when you have a workplace that inspires and encourages you to be the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally.”

Avanthi Perera – Software Quality Assurance Lead

Employee Development and Career Growth

Nurturing talent and fostering continuous professional development are paramount to our commitment to creating a women-friendly workplace. We offer tailored programs for women, including workshops, seminars, and training sessions focused on enhancing leadership skills, technical expertise, and personal growth. These initiatives have been instrumental in empowering numerous women within Acentura to rise to leadership positions and achieve career excellence.

Training Session Acentura held in ICTA by Ramani Jayasekara, Director and BU head (2)
Acentura Promotes Women-Friendly
Training Session Acentura held in ICTA by Ramani Jayasekara, Director and BU head
Mentorship Program led by Shamali Perera, Program Manager

Tharindi Kankanamge, Senior Software Engineer, shared her experience, stating, “Joining Acentura as an intern marked the beginning of my career journey, and today I am proud to be a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. The company’s initiatives have been instrumental in my growth and development. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities and support that have shaped my career path.”

Tharindi Kankanamge – Senior Software Engineer

Company Culture

The company culture at Acentura is built on a foundation of support, respect, and inclusivity, fostering a truly women-friendly workplace. Female employees consistently express feeling valued and empowered in their roles.

AcenAwards, our annual ceremony recognizing employee achievements, serves as a testament to this culture. At AcenAwards 2023, Sachini Karunarathna, Manager of Resource Management, shared her experience as the recipient of the Most Impactful Service award:

Sachini Karunarathna – Manager of Resource Management
Sachini Karunarathna Getting the Acenawards

“Since joining Acentura, I have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth. Starting as a Technical Recruiter, I am grateful for the opportunities to expand my career through diverse experiences in Training & Development and Resource Management. Each step has been instrumental in shaping my skills and advancing my career.”

Furthermore, Acentura annually celebrates Women’s Day and Mother’s Day to honor and uplift the multifaceted roles of women, fostering their happiness and engagement within the company while providing the recognition they deserve. “Voice of Her,” launched on Women’s Day 2022, was a dedicated initiative promoting our commitment to a women-friendly workplace. This year’s Women’s Day featured a panel discussion with prominent female industry leaders, and Mother’s Day was a delightful surprise for our working mothers, who received thoughtful gift hampers delivered to their homes.

Voice of Her
Womens Day 2023 Panel Discussion
Women’s Day 2024
Mother’s Day Feedback
Mother’s Day Feedback
Acentura Mothersday 2022
Acentura Mothersday 2022

Dasuni Sooriyage, an Associate Software Developer and the star female cricket player in our annual company match, shared her perspective: “I have greatly benefited from the inclusive and supportive environment at Acentura. The company’s initiatives have been instrumental in helping me achieve a healthy work-life balance, and the encouragement to participate in extracurricular activities has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.”

Dasuni Sooriyage– Associate Software Developer
Annual Cricket Match

CEO’s Perspective

Chandana Ranasinghe, our CEO, is a staunch advocate for gender equality and a women-friendly workplace. He shares, “At Acentura, fostering a women-friendly workplace is at the core of our ethos. We are committed to creating an environment where every individual, regardless of gender, feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive. Gender equality isn’t just a checkbox; it’s fundamental to our leadership team because we recognize that diverse perspectives drive innovation and success. We understand that promoting gender equality isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do, and we’re proud to champion it every day.”

Chandana Ranasinghe – CEO

Community and Networking

Acentura is deeply committed to empowering women in the technology sector and takes pride in its strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations such as SLASSCOM, a prominent advocate for women in tech. Internally, our robust women’s network serves as a cornerstone for fostering a vibrant community where female employees can connect, exchange insights, and uplift one another throughout their professional journeys.

SLASSCOM Women in Tech Conference participated by Acentura Ladies

Acentura actively sponsors impactful events like “Futurista 2023,” organized by the IEEE Women in Engineering Affinity Group at Uva Wellassa University, reaching over 100 female IT undergraduates. These initiatives are designed to equip women with industry-relevant knowledge and provide avenues for career advancement. Notably, “Futurista 2023” was a resounding success, featuring insightful sessions on gender equality, engaging panel discussions, career-oriented workshops, and valuable one-on-one interactions with industry experts.

Futurista 2023 – organized by the IEEE Women in Engineering Affinity Group at Uva Wellassa University

At Acentura Pvt Ltd, our vision for the future is built on a foundation of innovation and excellence,” says Shivanthi Perera, Director of Sales. “We are dedicated to transforming challenges into opportunities through cutting-edge software solutions, fostering strong client partnerships, driving impactful change in the tech landscape, and empowering women to lead and thrive in the technology sector. Additionally, we are committed to community service and creating networking opportunities that support women’s empowerment and professional growth within the tech industr.

Shivanthi Perera, Director of Sales
Shivanthi Perera, Director of Sales

Safety and Security

Acentura is steadfast in its commitment to upholding fundamental human rights throughout its operations and supply chain. Our comprehensive policy unequivocally prohibits discrimination, exploitation, and abuse, while fostering a workplace culture that champions dignity, equality, and respect. Acentura maintains a zero-tolerance stance against any form of retaliation towards employees who raise concerns regarding wrongdoing or ethical issues, thereby ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all.

Future Goals

Acentura is dedicated to continuously enhancing its efforts and policies in support of women’s career advancement. Our forthcoming objectives include increasing female representation in leadership roles, expanding mentorship programs, and fostering an environment characterized by unwavering inclusivity and support. Accenture remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating a workplace where women can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Acentura Promotes Women-Friendly

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