Kurakkan as a healthy seasonal choice

Use Kurakkan for healthy seasonal baking

Kurakkan for healthy seasonal baking is a choice to make this Season.


Kurakkan (Finger Millet) is a super food that can introduce a high level of healthy eating to your seasonal baking.

Kurakkan should not be used on its own since it is thick but it can easily be added to other types of flour you will be using to do your baking.

As a healthy carb, Kurakkan is a great choice for healthy baking this Season – you can use it to thicken soups, add it to dough mixes and to make pancakes and porridge as well.

A gluten free whole grain rich in fibre, Kurakkan is packed with amino acids,  and Vitamin D. It is an ideal choice to be included in every seasonal spread.

Kurakkan as a healthy choice for diabetics –

The Kurakkan seed coat is loaded with polyphenols and dietary fibres in contrast to other flour varieties. It carries a low glycemic index load and is a great filler. It’s ideal digestive pace makes sure that blood sugar is kept in check.

With Kurakkan as a choice for pancakes, rotis and porridge, healthy eating can indeed be practised by all, not just those with diabetes. Kurakkan for healthy seasonal baking means adding good health to your table.

How to include Kurakkan in a seasonal spread –

Kurakkan can be added to cookie dough when you are making Christmas cookies.

Use Kurakkan to thicken soups and sauces – also include it for pancakes. Using it in cakes is possible but you need to ensure the thickness is reduced by mixing it with other types of flour.

Include healthy dishes in your seasonal cooking – make sure that there are healthy alternatives and choices for those who may need them.

Kurakkan can help maintain youthful skin –

Kurakkan contains vital amino acids such as Methionine and Lysine which can help maintain a youthful skin, making it less prone to sagging and wrinkles. As a natural source of Vitamin D, which is considered a carrier molecule for calcium which strengthens vitality.

Kurakkan helps maintain weight –

Kurakkan is high in fibre which means that you will be filled in no time when you include it in your diet.

The high level of fibre also ensures you are full, preventing cravings and hunger pangs for a considerable period of time.

Therefore, experts say it is best consumed in the morning. This way, you can be sure of a fuller start to your day’s meals.

Kurakkan can help stabilise mental wellness –

When it comes to conditions such as anxiety, depression and insomnia, Kurakkan which contains antioxidants, mainly Tryptophan and amino acids which work as natural relaxants, can help.

In a study conducted in India, it was found to be useful for migraine as well.

This Season, include this super food in your seasonal food and ensure that you do have a healthy take on the traditional favourites.

You can be sure that the taste will be still just as good while being healthy and suitable for those with high blood sugar and cholesterol issues. Stay healthy and stay blessed during the Season of Goodwill. Use Kurakkan for healthy seasonal baking.






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