How to positively deal with suspicion in a relationship

How to positively deal with suspicion in a relationship

Suspicion in a relationship can destroy everything.

For many, suspicion in a relationship can be a soul destroying stage to enter into.

Yet, it happens everyday to the best of people. How do we deal with it – if and when it happens to us?

Understand that suspicion alone is never enough to wreck a relationship –

Many people mistake suspicion for facts. This is often not the case. Suspicion can arise out of anything in our partners. Unusual behaviour, unexpected gestures, frequent calls and texts – these alone are never enough to support suspicion.

Always find space in your heart to look beyond what you think is suspicious activity. Until and unless something is confirmed, don’t push for drastic action.

Remember that suspicion can be a deadly emotion difficult to control –

Once suspicion is unleashed on a relationship, it is difficult to stop it from being an all consuming fire. Many have dealt with the brunt of this only to discover that the suspicions were in vain.

The point is that suspicion in a relationship may not always be true yet can destroy everything if you allow it to take root in your head.

The best way to deal with it is to not give it room in your head – unless you have adequate reasons to support it.

Otherwise it can be an all consuming fire that will eventually destroy your relationship.

Always look for back up signs of suspicion –

Suspicion needs to be backed up with facts and signs.

If you have reason to suspect, back up with facts. Look for signs that will confirm your fears. Without that, you are groping in the dark, allowing suspicion to destroy your relationship without proof.

Without supporting evidence, suspicion alone cannot hold water – the sooner you understand this, the better it is for all concerned.

Stay calm even when you have reason to be suspicious –

Going ballistic with suspicion does not help anyone, least of all the one doing the suspecting. Try to stay calm as much as possible before venturing out to ascertain your fears. It’s hard for sure but it is the best way to deal with the issue. Staying calm and understanding the scope of your fears needs to be cultivated and practiced – it doesn’t happen at once.

Address the suspicions with your partner –

Another good way to deal with it is to take the issue by the horns. Talk to your partner about the suspicions and ask for explanations. Bring it out into the open to deal with it. Tell why and how you have become suspicious and how there is room to overcome the suspicions without resorting to drastic action.

Remember that there is always room for explanations to clear up doubts and suspicions – if only we take the trouble to talk.

Many issues in life can be sorted this way – but what happens is we choose to hang on to our previous notions as if we are right most of the time. Keeping an open mind and allowing yourself to hear the other side is always a good option to overcome suspicion.





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