This Season, buy from women entrepreneurs & women owned businesses..

This Christmas, buy from Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs and support small businesses that are women owned.

Satynmag is pleased to support women owned businesses and empower Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs.

Their products are of high quality and make ideal gifts for the Season.

Check them out.

Bakeries and Confectionaries

Many Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs are to be found in the baking space – their talent for great tasting confectionaries and cakes  is great and they do make fantastic products.

Bakes by Nilo

Here’s a bakery that you can opt for this season for your cakes and bakes! Nilo’s bakery has quite the range of cakes this season as you can see down here. Her goodies are made especially for the Season.

Contact Bakes by Nilo on Instagram – @bakesby_nilo. Facebook – Bakes by Nilo. Mobile – 072 084 3980

Bakes by Nilo - Bakery  Bakes by Nilo - Bakery Bakes by Nilo - Bakery


Presenting another bakery that has a range of baked goodies for you to purchase this season.

The menu covers all kinds of Christmas cakes, cupcakes, eggnogs and puddings. Here’s a menu to make it easier for you to do your shopping accompanied by a few pictures to help you make the right choice.

            Butterfloss - Bakery

Butterfloss - Bakery       Butterfloss - Bakery      Butterfloss - Bakery


Beauty Products –

There are many Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs active in the beauty and wellness segment. Their products are excellent and have been developed to suit our skin.

Shop Soapyaf

Shop SoapyAF is a women owned small business that sells bath products. Their portfolio includes a series of whipped soap/bath butter products that are chemical and plastic-free and eco-friendly. The products look gorgeous and will make great gifts for loved ones and family this Season.

Their products are –

Bath Butter

The fabulous bath butter is a soap-lotion combination that hydrates and cleanses the skin. The butter is inclusive of beneficial oils that moisturize the skin. The range of bath butter is as follows:

Minty Mint: a 2-in-1 jar that can be used as an alternative for soap and shaving cream. It is a Unisex product
with a unique Mint like fragrance inclusive of oils that nourishes and keep your skin moist all day long.

Mystic Blues: similar to the Minty Mint, this bath butter can also be used as an alternative to soap and shaving cream. Mystic Blues however comes with a berry fragrance also inclusive of all oils that nourish and moisturizes the skin.

Citric Love: a 2-in-1 jar that can be used as an alternative for soap and shaving cream. It is a Unisex product
with a Lemon/Citric fragrance inclusive of oils that nourish and keep your skin moist all day long.

Lilac: a 2 in 1 jar which can be used as an alternative for soap and shaving cream. It is a Unisex product
with a Lavender fragrance inclusive of oils that nourish and keep your skin moist all day long.

3-in-1 Bath Butters

Charcoal skies: an alternative for soap and shaving cream and comes with a Vanilla beans fragrance. In addition, it has also incorporated activated charcoal and other oils that deep clean the skin, remove excess oils and reduce acne.

Chao-lyn: Comes with a rose fragrance and can also be used as an alternative to both soap and shaving cream. This product also has Kaolin clay which absorbs oil to soothe the skin, gently sloughs away dead skin cells and removes impurities from the pores and can be used as a facial cleanser.

Scrub with a twist

Macchiato: a bath butter with coffee – a good exfoliating element for the skin. This product, as it comes with an activated exfoliating effect, is able to improve blood circulation, minimize cellulite, even the skin tone, and absorbs antioxidant properties which prevent premature aging.

Cinna-bun: A bath butter with sugar to activate the exfoliating effect and comes with a cinnamon fragrance. This scrub is able to brighten your skin, remove dead skin cells and acts as a natural anti-aging effect.

Beauty - Shop SoapyAF Beauty - Shop SoapyAF Beauty - Shop SoapyAF

Reach out to Shop Soapyaf on their email – [email protected], Instagram: @shop.soapyaf and their WhatsApp- (078) 946 6333



Established in 2020, KAMA brings  authentic beauty and wellness, focusing on sourcing ethical, high quality ingredients and work closely with small-scale local communities and artisans across Sri Lanka to source the finest raw natural ingredients that lend their purity to its products. Their products are free of artificial colours and fragrances and the products and ingredients speak for themselves in their purest and rawest form.’

Beauty - KAMA

Contact KAMA Sri Lanka on their otline : 0777284206, Facebook :
Instagram – @kama_sri_lanka and their website –


Nathu Handmade

Creates unique and customized handmade jewelry from the best quality polymer clay. Below displays how Nethu Handmade from our guide has incorporated the season’s spirit into their jewelry this year.

Nathu Handmade - Jewelry Nathu Handmade - Jewelry Nathu Handmade - Jewelry

Reach out to Nathu Handmades on their mobile – 072 251 1493 and Instagram – @nathu_handmade

Cards and crafts

Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs are excellent at creating fabulous arts and crafts that make great gifts.

Little Rose

Looking for the perfect ornaments to decorate your christmas tree this season? Look no further as Little Rose has you covered with their resin crafts. And whats more – you can also use these ornaments as key tags post-Christmas!

Crafts - Little Rose         Crafts - Little Rose

Crafts - Little Rose

Contact Little Rose on their Instagram – @littl.erose

QCrafts Shaira

Shaira makes cards and crafts that are eco-friendly in nature. Do consider her for your Christmas cards to send out well wishes to your loved ones. Her cards are exquisitely made and beautifully finished to lend a perfect touch to every gift.

Crafts - QCraft Shaira Crafts - QCraft Shaira Crafts - QCraft Shaira

You can contact Shaira for your purchases on her mobile – 077 765 5169 and on Instagram – @qcraft


Home Linen & Tableware –

Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs have excellent skills and talent that enable them to create world class home linen and tableware.

Thushari’s Scrappy World 

Thushari, a single mother, makes collages, cards and patchworks using scraps of clothing that she purchases from small business vendors in order to help them as well. She sees sewing as a slow form of stitching meditation therapy. And since she herself has found, to her amazement, that a lot of things can be created using scraps, she calls her venture a scrappy world.

Thushari uses various embroidery styles such as kantha stitch and she loves handloom and batik too! Her favorite products are her neck pillows yoga pillows, coasters, body scrub hand gloves, table mats, runners, wall hangers, bags, pot holders and dolls.

Reach out to Thushari on her mobile – 077 623 9975

Island Living 

Chitrangani’s Island Living brings great table linen and home linen collections that make great gifts. An eclectic range of cheerful linen that will make your home a cosy, snug and festive abode perfect for inviting friends and family. Select from your favourite 100% cotton linens, including bedspreads, tablemats, table runners, tablecloths, napkins, tea towels and much more.


Reach out to Island Living on their platforms;

Instagram-, Facebook – @islandlivingsrilanka, Whatsapp- 0773300009

Spread the season’s spirit and help our small local businesses grow this Christmas.

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