Taking Care of Your Skin the Right Way With Vivya

One of the biggest challenges that women face is time management; juggling multiple roles and multiple task with so many expectations is arduous. This leads to stress that affects the mind, body and soul. Whilst stress has many implications on multiple organs of the body, the implications of stress on our skin can be seen visible. Dark circles around eyes, pigmentation, uneven skin tones, uneven skin texture, dry skin and breakouts are a few symptoms. Environmental factors such as dry weather conditions, sunburns, pollution and even unhealthy eating habits could all contribute to skin looking dull and tired.

Therefore spending a few minutes daily to revive and rebalance skin is important to visibly improve your skin. Maintaining a consistent care routine will rejuvenate the process of shedding and growing new skin, ensuring a healthy skin.

How to choose the right face care product for your skin?

– Identify your skin type. Is it dry, oily or combination skin

– Choose a skin care product that caters to your skin type

– Choose a consistent skin care range such as Vivya which has harmony and synergy in ingredients that it uses across the range. The entire Vivya range is made using the goodness of Sri Lankan heirloom rice extracts.

– Make sure the brand you choose is dermatologically tested to be safe on skin.

– Avoid using products that contains harmful ingredients such as Sulfates, Formaldehyde and Parabens.

– If you are using a product for the first time on your skin, make sure to do a patch test.

Taking care of your skin the right way with Vivya.


What is the best daily skincare routine?

Morning – As you start the day,  make sure you prepare your skin the day ahead

  • Use Vivya Face Wash – A clear, pH balanced formula that is gentle on the skin and removes oil and dirt with soft foam and is compatible with all skin types.
  • Follow up with the Vivya Moisturiser –
    • Apply it all over your face with gentle strokes.
    • Remember that although some believe a moisturiser will clog oily skin, that is not so and all skin types benefit greatly from a gentle yet powerful moisturiser.
    • Keep your skin well hydrated with Vivya Face Cream – This is mildly pigmented and is of a golden colour which will give you an even skin tone. The rice extracts present in the Cream provides additional sun protection which is much needed in our country ; it also gives a matt effect that brings out the glow in your skin.

Night – The skin undergoes many changes at night, going through a process of repair and dealing with the toxins and pollutants absorbed during the day, which is shedded out.

  • Use Vivya Cleanser – This will gently but effectively remove makeup residue, melting it away. Its unique formula will balance the skin as a primer as well. This cleans your face more deeply and does more than a Face Wash. It is ideally used as the day ends, since more grime and pollutants  need to be removed from your face.
  • Apply Vivya Serum – A serum is a vital component of modern skincare routine. It is light on the skin and can be applied with a few drops for maximum results. Absorbed fast, the Vivya Serum would give your skin the glow and hydration it needs, keeping it well moisturised as you sleep. You can see visible results in as little time as 02 weeks.
  • Apply Vivya Night Cream – This product is ideal for women with dry skin. It helps to moisturise and seal in the benefits of the Vivya serum.

Remember that good skincare starts with you – with well established and regular skincare routines, your skin will continue to maintain its youthful radiance.


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