Kurakkan is a great super food

Did you know that kurakkan is a power packed super food for good health?

Kurakkan is a power packed super food that encourages good health and good digestion.

Kurakkan, also known as finger millet, is an ancient superfood that has been the bedrock of nutrition for rural communities in South Asia.

In Sri Lanka, kurakkan is used as a choice for a main meal as well as a carb of choice for all other meals.

Because of its high content of fibre, kurakkan also makes you feel fuller – let’s look at the over-all benefits of kurakkan as a superfood for a healthy life.

Kurakkan is good for kidney function –

Rich in potassium which supports healthy kidney function, kurakkan can support a healthy kidney function – potassium is also said to support nerve health.

Kurakkan can control high blood sugar –

Due to it’s low GI ( glycemic index), kurakkan can help diabetics manage their blood sugar levels. Consuming kurakkan will not cause a spike in blood sugar levels since it takes longer to digest than refined carb choices.

Improves digestive health –

The insoluble fibre is finger millet is known as probiotic, which supports good bacteria in your gut. This kind of fibre is vital to gut health since it adds bulk to the stools and help bowel movement thereby prevent risk of colon cancer.

Assures heart health –

The soluble fibre in finger millet can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body ; soluble fibre becomes a gel in the intestines, allowing bad cholesterol to be safely removed from the system. Some studies have also shown that kurakkan may raise good cholesterol levels, encouraging heart health over-all.

Kurakkan is rich in niacin & beta carotene for good health –

Finger millet contains niacin, which helps the body manage over 400 enzymes. Niacin encourages proper organ function and can contribute towards a healthy skin.

Kurakkan is a power packed superfood for good health – when found in its darkest form, is rich in beta-carotene which encourages good health as an antioxidant and helps your body fight off free radicals. It also can encourage eye health.

Kurakkan is also rich in Vitamins A and B, phosphorus, calcium and iron and is a great source of food for over-all good health and wellbeing.

An excellent replacement for processed carbs –

Kurakkan can easily be used to replace carbs such as rice and wheat flour – or can be used together to reduce the amount of carbs consumed. It can also be added to various foods as a thickener for soup, a base for pies and other food choices.

Kurakkan belongs to an ancient group of millets that have long been used by generations in Asia as a nutritious food choice,

Today, we are rediscovering the potency of kurakkan as a traditional super food that is making a comeback to our tables.

How to make kurakkan for weight control –

Kurakkan is a power packed superfood for good health – the flour can be cooked as a roti or a pancake – to be eaten with curry to as a wrap. It can be easter as a porridge with jaggery and coconut milk as a delicious breakfast choice. Kurakkan continues to be a healthy alternate to other forms of carbs and can help weight control as well.

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