ageism is a global problem

Have you faced age discrimination? Ageism is a global problem

Have you faced age discrimination? Ageism is a global problem that is impacting the lives of older adults.

Thanks to modern medicine, healthier lifestyles and general attention paid to the process of ageing, people everywhere are living longer and taking an active role in day to day activities as they get older.

Yet they continue to face age discrimination in many aspects of life.

While for some, it may not be an issue for countless others, it results in lack of motivation and self esteem, resulting in a lower quality of life and mental health issues.

As you get older, children leave to pursue their own lives, yet you have so much to give in terms of experience, expertise and capability. Not just to take care of grandchildren but to be able to work and engage in worthwhile pursuits where you can still accomplish a great deal.

Ageism – subtle discrimination –

Ageism often takes the for of subtle discrimination. While it sometimes is based on leaving an older person out of new tech developments, it may also be towards an older person who has not been able to embrace changing workplace culture and modern day ways of behaviour.

What can we do to identify and minimise ageism so that the quality of life for elders who still have much to give, can be improved.

Engage with younger audiences on the inevitable process of ageing –

Younger people may not realise always that ageing affects everyone. Creating awareness of it while also encouraging them to understand what it feels like to be at the receiving end of ageism related discrimination, can help create common areas of understanding. This process can be undertaken with family and friends, colleagues and clients so that they too know the implications of ageism.

Assure that you still have a lot to give to the community and to your career –

Experience and expertise are priceless aspects of life. Whether it is for your community or for your career, making others understand that you still have much to give is something you should not ignore. Let them understand that there is still so much to learn from your experience and the aspects of life you have lived through.

Lead by example – show them the way –

Youngsters are sometimes pleasantly surprised when they see older people being able to perform challenging tasks such as body endurance tests. Show them that it can be done at any age, if you have invested time and effort in it. Assure them that training, discipline and perseverance are equally acceptable and doable at any age.

The older you get, the more lessons you will have to share with the world – make sure that you remind them of it every time ageim comes to impact whatever it is that you do. Ageism can be dealt with just like everything else in life. You just have to know what to do and how to do it.

Don’t let ageism impact you negatively – respond with empathy, understanding and insights.



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