Satynmag S Suite for the C Suite ladies

The stories we have to share – Satynmag S Suite – for the C Suite ladies

The stories we have to share – Satynmag S Suite – for the C Suite ladies.

Every woman who has ever climbed the ladder of success in a business or the corporate world, has a story to tell.

It is almost always a story of overcoming challenges and problems, balancing the work home equation and ensuring through it all that both the career and the home front are managed as best as it could be.

These are the stories that mentor younger women, assuring them that if another woman did it and managed to achieve success, then others too can. Mentoring is a process that empower two people at the same time ; the mentor for sharing the insights and the one being mentored, for being able to obtain glimpses of real life and real issues of multi tasking.

Satynmag S Suite – for the C Suite ladies – what do we do?

Satynmag S Suite brings together women who have worked hard to achieve success. A networking opportunity that enable the successful ladies to share their stories and empower each other. Interesting events, a podcast and a newsletter are on the cards for the members.

Satynmag S Suite – network with other successful women –

Men typically have their own old boy networks that allow them to network and learn from one another – with Satynmag s Suite, every successful woman can network with other women and learn from each other’s journey and insights. When we connect with other women who have been through a similar journey to ours, we are able to draw strength and inspiration from one another. Networking is also good for us to share our business know-how with others and also engage in mutually beneficial opportunities for growth.

Satynmag S Suite – grow your circle of influence –

Joining this network will enable you to grow your circle of influence – by sharing your expertise and professional opinions, building your voice and ensuring that you are heard and seen. You are a woman who has achieve success and have steered your organisation towards success ; your experiences, your style of managing your division or your team can be an inspiration to someone else.

Satynmag S Suite – mentor others and help them grow –

As a member of the Satynmag S Suite, you can out your experience and expertise to good use by mentoring others – younger women who will benefit tremendously from your journey. Mentoring is a vital need in the workplace today – it empowers those who enter the workplace with exceptional skills that only can be acquired and learnt from someone who’s already done the journey.

Satynmag S Suite  – transform your career potential –

With Satynmag S Suite, you have the ability to transform your potential as a leader and a voice of expertise for your own sector.

You can be an expert for the specialised skills and expertise you possess. As a sector leader, you can harness your recipe for success and your industry expertise towards capturing the industry best practices for others as well as for your own industry.

Satynmag S Suite gives a voice to your expertise and your own unique abilities by positioning you as one of our experts for specific areas of specialisation, relevant to your career potential.

Satynmag S Suite – enabling a better work life balance –

When we as successful women who have managed careers while also managing the home and family needs, are able to bring together our experiences, we are also enriching one another’s understanding of achieving an optimum work-life balance.

There is so much as can learn from one another, understanding and acquiring insights from every unique journey special to every woman.

Satynmag S Suite – an empowering network that empowers women.

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