Satynmag CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2022

Satynmag CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2022 take place with many corporates taking part

Satynmag CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2022 were held with the participation of over 25 leading corporates representing various sectors of the economy, in September 2022.

Launched in 2021, the Satynmag CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards are recognised as Sri Lanka’s sole awards that empower women in the workplace ; the Awards invite organisations in Sri Lanka to share their women friendly workplace practices that ensure a culture of recognition and support for women at work.

The Awards have been hailed as a much needed benchmark encouraging the sustenance of a women friendly workplace culture ; a culture that is both supportive and inclusive of the opportunities available to women.

The participating organisations were evaluated on a score of having in place best practices and women friendly workplace policies by a panel of judges headed by Prof. Arosha Adikaram, Chair, HR Department, University of Colombo. The rest of the panel of judges were Dr Beshan Kulapala, tech entrepreneur, Ken Vijayakumar – HR professional, Zahara Ansary – Country Manager CIMA in Sri Lanka and Nayomini R Weerasooriya – Founder Editor – Satynmag.

The companies who won in the Most Outstanding category were Unilever, Brandix, Nagarro ,Airtel, AIA, DFCC, DIMO, Union Assurance, Keells Foods, People’s Bank and NSB.

Among the Honourable Mentions were Hemas, HNBA, NTB, Seylan Bank, SLIC, Commercial Bank ,NDB ,CBL, LEEDS and HNB.

The Merit winners were Dipped Products , Asian Paints Causeway , CIPM and Dialog.

The Awards also recognised the Most Outstanding Female in the Workplace – ” She Wins”; the category was sponsored by People’s Bank. The winners of the category were Anoma Gomes – NSB and Maryse Perera of Brandix.


There were also the categories of The Most Female Friendly Innovations & Practices – ” She Grows”,which was sponsored by National Savings Bank – the awards were won by DIMO, for their innovative practice of empowering female automative specialists and Keells Foods for their practice of ensuring equipment adaptation for women at work in their supermarkets.


The category of  the Most Female Friendly Workplace Culture – “She Thrives” sponsored by CIPM, was won by Union Assurance for their workplace culture of encouraging and supporting women at multiple levels.

The category of the Most Female Friendly Company Policy – “She Rises” was won by Unilever Sri Lanka for their exceptional and supportive policies that support women in the workplace.

The Satynmag CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards have been embraced for the unique standard of diversity and inclusion it has introduced to the Sri Lankan workplace.

With over 52% of the population being female, encouraging and fostering inclusion for women at work is not only extending a benefit to working women but also is relevant to the growth of workplace success across sectors. The more women friendly policies there are in organisations, the better it is to create and sustain a powerful proposition of workplace empowerment for women.

Being identified and recognised as a women friendly workplace is also supportive of the SDG 05 which promotes gender equality – being endorsed as a female friendly workplace also is a vital step for organisations actively present in the global markets where inclusion and diversity are key issues of growth.





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