Women Friendly Workplace (WFWP) Awards is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and is jointly pioneered by and CIMA. First held in 2021, WFWP will be held this year with almost double the participation of 2021.. The WFWP Awards have set a unique standard for capturing and augmenting the importance of creating a women friendly workplace culture; whilst also acknowledging specific measures and inclusive mechanisms that encourage women to achieve a higher level of success at work.

The CIMA WFWP Awards have created a tremendous interest in uplifting the role of women in Sri Lankan workplaces and empowering them for organizational, societal and economic development. The Awards have fostered an enhanced awareness of the need for a women friendly, enabling, equitable and an inclusive workplace culture.

Many leading companies and financial institutions were among last year’s winners. This year too, leading corporates, multinationals and iconic Sri Lankan companies are among the participants of the awards. They have showcased their workplace culture that empowers and recognises the role of women at work, creating women friendly workplaces.

The Panel of Judges is headed by Prof. Arosha Adikaram, Chair Professor in Human Resource Management, University of Colombo who also headed the Panel of Judges in 2021. She will be making a presentation on the good practices and criteria critical towards ensuring a women friendly workplace, drawing from the practices of the participating companies, during the award ceremony.

“We have had many learnings and positive outcomes from the discussions and interactions we have had with the participating organizations and the women who work in those organizations. We believe that there is scope for WFWP Awards to be the platform to share those learning and recommendations that would contribute towards empowering women in the work place at a national level.” said Prof. Adikaram.

The other members of the Panel of Judges are Ken Vijayakumar – President CIPM Sri Lanka & DGM – HR at Baurs, Zahara Ansary FCMA, CGMA, Country Manager, for CIMA in Sri Lanka, Beshan Kulapala, Tech Entrepreneur and Nayomini R Weerasooriya Founder Editor of

Women form closer to 52% of the population in Sri Lanka and play a critical and active role in economic activities whether in the workplace or at home. Acknowledging their needs and the obstacles they face in entering, retaining, sustaining, advancing and succeeding in workplaces is vital for Sri Lanka to move forward in creating equality, equity and empowering women at work.

Commenting on the awards, Zahara Ansary, FCMA, CGMA, Country Manager, for CIMA in Sri Lanka says that a supportive work environment that encourages and empower women is a key strength for any organisation. New work mechanisms such as work from home and flex hours are often still used, yet it is still a challenge to optimise work-life balance for women. “The WFWP Awards recognize organizations who introduce and practice exceptional and supportive mechanisms that encourage and nurture women at work and create equitable and inclusive workplaces .” she added

” I was especially interested to find out how the participating organizations were trying to elevate their female employees in the areas of technical development, and what they do to encourage young females to get into STEM related fields. I was pleasantly surprised to see some amazing but challenging work that is being done by some companies”, states Mr. Kulapala.

Nayomini R Weerasooriya, Founder Editor of Sri Lanka’s leading women’s magazine says that the Awards, while acknowledging United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 05 of gender inclusion, create a new paradigm of transformation within the Sri Lankan corporate culture to be more women friendly and supportive of the career paths women choose.

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