Mothers cry in every war with tears to fill a lifetime…

Mothers cry in every war that leaves them in tears.

It is the mothers who never forget, who spend a lifetime with memories. Who can never come to terms no matter how long or how far gone, with the death or the loss of their sons and daughters.

In every war fought – whether actual battle or economic wars, mothers who lose their children must live with that loss.

No mother really recovers from the death of her child.

For mothers of the South of the country and the North, the pain of losing a child is the same.

Whether the sons and daughters were victims of war or conflict, or struggling and aching for justice at the Galle Face Green, the mothers will know only too well the ache in their hearts for the wellbeing and the safety of their children.

Mothers are the real heroes –

In every conflict, there are heroes.

Nurturing the sons and daughters who go out to fight the battles, pining for their return and praying for their safety is the burden of every mother all over the world.

Mothers have never been comfortable in the role of heroes – they are always happy to be in the background and let the children bask in the glory of winning, achieving goals or seeing their dreams come true.

Is there a connection between mental and physical health?

Mothers are also the first to shed a tear at the first moment of loss for their children. Mothers cry in every war.

Mothers then are the real heroes everywhere – whether the conflict is that of a nation fighting injustice and economic mismanagement of a nation or a war that took away sons on both sides of the divide.

Mothers will never forget their children –

The heartbreaking images of mothers weeping at the war heroes memorials of the South and the North are hauntingly enough to send a powerful message to all sides.

Never again.

Never again must there be a conflict in which you fight your own people.

Never again will the people of this nation be taken for granted by those in authority.

The children who gave their lives for a better tomorrow – whether they were young men from the far flung villages of the South or the palmyra lined villages of the North – will always be remembered and never forgotten by their mothers.

Every name on the memorial reflects a beautiful story of a baby cherished by his mother.

Every lamp lit in the North in memory of a lost child represents a future lost, a life snuffed out long before it’s time.

Mothers stand strong – for now, for tomorrow –

A nation’s hope is nurtured in the bosom of its mothers.

Mothers who give their children the freedom to stand strong for what they believe in.

Mothers who chose to join the nation’s struggle against the disintegration of its resources and exploitation of its very soul.

Mothers whose selfless contribution is always remembered and cherished by a nation that will always remember the sons and daughters the mothers gave for the betterment of Sri Lanka.


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