Is your start up ready to scale up ?

Is your start up ready to scale up?

This is the question that every woman entrepreneur should be asking.

There’s not much point in starting a business if you don’t want it to scale up.

Firstly, the question you must ask yourself is if you want to scale up.

Start up ready to scale up should be a mantra for every entrepreneur keen on entering the next level of growth.

What exactly is scaling up and is my business ready for it? Find out with the following tips.

Has your business reached a considerable level of growth?

This is a question every entrepreneur must ask. Is my business achieving the goals and results I set out when I started?

Scaling up means growing b beyond your existing framework of operations. It means increasing and enhancing your level of business expansion.

Achieving a certain level of growth means you are ready to scale up. It also means you have the potential to grow beyond your existing level.

Is the business model stabilised?

Often we start on a small and manageable scale of operations at the beginning.

Has the business model you deployed stabilised enough to enter the next level of growth?

These are the questions you need to ask and seek answers before going towards scaling up.

If your business model is established and workable, then you can look at ways of furthering that by various ways of scaling up.

You could extend it or you could re-invent the plan and go for a higher, bigger level of reinforcing your business.

Are you able to automate or out-source the greater part of your business?

Automation, bringing technology in and outsourcing multiple functions are good ways of ensuring you can handle expansi0n.

The main thing is to be sure that if and when scaling up comes and you grow in size, stature, capability and success, that the business can actually handle the pressures that will come with it.

With tech inputs and outsourced mechanisms, chances are that you can indeed handle transformation.

Is the start up culture ready for it?

Some businesses want to stay small and some entrepreneurs like it that way.

Some female entrepreneurs believe that scaling up or growing their business would result in unwanted burdens of overwork and stress.

If that’s you, then you need to sit and think where your business is going.

Most businesses do not survive unless they grow their wings and expand – scaling up to suit an expanding customer base.

Think of your business as an entity outside of you – that entity needs to grow and expand if it is to maintain its success.

Is the goal you started the business with, the same or has it changed? Revisit your original goal

For many, goals change with scaling up a business – it should be that way.

The goal of a small scale business you started in your kitchen or in your bedroom differs from the scale of expansion it has had.

You need to revisit your goal of starting the business and review the vision, the mission etc.

What you must keep in mind is that when a business grows, it must be ideally scaled up to maintain the growth trajectory.





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