The mothers of Sri Lanka at the people’s protests – celebrating Mother’s Day a Satyn special

Celebrating Mother’s Day – a Satynmag Special with the mothers at the people’s struggle.

We salute all mothers who have taken the time to participate with their children in the people’s protests.

They understand the importance of a right future for their children – they know that without their participation as mothers, change cannot come.

A selfless desire to protect her children, fearlessly yet resiliently and determined to fight for the right cause and uphold true justice.

Satynmag went to the Aragalaya at Galle Face Green to meet the courageous mothers who took the time to be there in person with their children.

Celebrating Mother’s Day on a note of pride and national significance.

Mothers who are standing up for the future of their children -mothers who know that this is a crisis that goes beyond meeting their immediate needs.

“I am here today not only to stand up and fight for the rights of my child but for every child in the island facing injustice; I stand here representing all the mothers and children of our country. With the intention of freeing our motherland from corruption and reviving it for a newer and better future for us all.” that’s one proud mother speaking.

“I struggle every single day to feed my infant, unable to afford a packet of milk. I’ve been on the streets of Gotagogama for weeks now, with staunch belief and hope that my action as a mother and a citizen will result in positive response, to keep us going and feed our children. ”

We speak to another. “I am a mother of 5 beautiful children, it sinks in, with a heavy heart to see the future for our children. I have witnessed the deterioration of the country’s health sector, and the constant fear of how my children will make it after me. We struggle for basics – Milk, Gas, and Electricity everyday. ”

“I come from a family of fishermen, and my sons are seamen too. I am here for them as they struggle to bring two meals to the table for us. I have lived my life and I may die tomorrow, however my boys need a future –  I am here to fight for them as I fear that they will no longer have a future if we don’t rise up.” is the determined voice of another.

These are our mothers.

Mothers who struggle to feed their children, meet their basic necessities and out a square meal together to feed their family.

Their strength and their resilience – captures a nation as we come upon Mother’s Day this year.

Their presence at the protests speak volumes – a mother never compromises her child’s safety under normal circumstances.

They are there with their children because that’s the only place to be at this time. They are there at the protest for a noble – and a true cause.

“Having kids- the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings – is the biggest job anyone can embark on.”

– Maria Shriver

Satynmag  salutes all mothers taking an active role in the ongoing people’s struggles throughout the island.


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