Did you know that sleep is a key indicator of wellness?

Sleep is a key indicator of personal wellness.

Without a proper level of sleep, no-one can function properly. It is important to ensure that a full night’s sleep is undertaken in order to ensure an optimum level of good health and wellbeing.

But how do we do that? Too many people suffer from lack of sleep, inability to fall asleep and to ensure an undisturbed night of sleep.

Sleep is a key indicator of wellness. Without it, we risk various physical and mental disorders – it can also impact quality of life.

Check these tips to ensure that you can indeed get an undisturbed night of quality sleep.

Why quality sleep?

Because not just sleep but the quality of sleep is also important. Some do sleep but their sleep is disturbed, fragmented and they wake up feeling tired and groggy as if they have not slept at all.

So getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just about sleeping but also about getting ready to sleep.

Putting the right kind of effort into getting the right kind of sleep is also important.

Read on.

Get ready to go to sleep –

Going to sleep is only a part of the whole sleep cycle. Back in the day, people used to actually get ready to sleep. They had no smartphones to engage with and burn midnight oil so they actually got ready to sleep.

Things like taking a warm bath, having a warm drink, dimming the lights in the room and turning the sheets down were all sleep rituals that gave you just the right setting to fall asleep.

When your body tells you it is tired and groggy, that’s your signal to get ready to go to sleep.

You need to also enable yourself to start the process of going to sleep – which also means avoiding anything stimulating that is likely to keep you awake.

Try to avoid using the smartphone while in bed –

The smartphone today is central to everything we do.

Many of us go to bed with the phone in our hands. With the screen all lit up – even in night mode – it is unlikely we would be able to go sleep soon. The content is likely to keep us engaged and lacking the sleep we need.

It might be a good idea to put the phone down after a while if you really need to have your phone in bed.

Smartphones are a well known source of sleeplessness – too many people stay up checking their phones and then being unable tp fall asleep.

Go to sleep everyday at around the same time –

Our bodies benefit from established schedules.

Going to sleep everyday around the same time is a good idea to develop a sleep habit.

This way, your body knows to wind down and also is able to look forward to the restful sleep it needs.

Getting good sleep is something you need to plan for – it may happen suddenly when you fall asleep on the couch but often enough, going to sleep is a ritual you need to inculcate with discipline and consistent commitment.


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