Satynmag CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards 02nd Edition launched – Highlighting women in theSL workspace

Highlighting women in the Sri Lankan workplace, Satynmag CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards 02nd Edition was launched with a great IWD #Breakthebias event on 25th March 2022.

The event was attended by ladies representing over 20 leading corporates and multinationals and was a great success, creating the right platform for the launch of the country’s sole Women Friendly Workplace Awards.

The keynote speaker was Prof. Arosha Adikaram, Head of HR Department at the University of Colombo who heads the panel of judges of the Awards.

In her keynote address, Prof. Adikaram spoke of the status of women in employment in Sri Lanka, highlighting the data on the gaps where women could be playing an even greater role in the workforce. Given the fact that around 71% of university graduates are women in Sri Lanka, she noted that there is greater space and opportunity for women to play an even bigger role in the country’s workplace.

Noting that almost all professional bodies consist mostly of men and even in parliamentary representation, Prof. Adikaram stressed on the fact that women need greater representation at multiple levels.

What is holding women back from achieving equality and equity in the workplace , asked Prof. Adikaram ; gender ideologies, (stereotypes and biases) and the crushing culture of overwork at work and at home are cited as main reasons.

On the current trajectory, Prof. Adikaram noted that it will take 135.6 years for women to close the gender gap worldwide!

Following these great insights into gender status and highlighting women in the Sri Lankan workplace, a panel discussion was held ; taking part in the panel were Prof. Adikaram, Avanthi Colombage Country Manager Visa in Sri Lanka, Ananya Sabharwal Country Director – HR at Unilever in Sri Lanka and Sandra de Zoysa Group Chief Customer Officer – Dialog Axiata, moderated by Nayomini R Weerasooriya, Founder – Editor of

Among the topics covered in the panel were issues relevant to all women at all levels of career development ; work life balance, breaking the glass ceiling and climbing the career successfully – emphasis on holistic wellness at work and drawing from personal experiences were also on the cards. Each panellist was able to share her insights and experiences, while also shining a light on the common grounds all women share in shouldering work life balance challenges and demands.

The panelists and the moderator, all of whom were able to bring their experiences and expertise in navigating the workplace and its complex dynamics while managing family commitments, were able to generate a vibrant discussion around the topics, with the audience taking part with enthusiasm.

The panel discussion was followed by a fashion show by Miosis – on display were casual and chic ensembles created by Preethi MacLeod, the lady behind Moisis.

The ladies loved taking part in the games that followed and the fellowship , networking and strengthening the camaraderie that came from sharing each other’s experiences in enriching the Sri Lankan workplace together.

The Satynmag CIMA Women Friendly Workplace Awards are open for applications.

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