We live  in an environment that is economically challenging and constantly changing. Which is why planning for the future is vital for everyone – the earlier you start, the better it is for long term rewards and peace of mind.

Being financially protected starts with paying adequate attention to retirement planning. Sri Lanka is home to an ageing population which means planning for retirement is compulsory and will have to be thought out in a manner that will add value and benefits in the latter years.

Retirement comes sooner than some of us  think. A safe retirement plan means to invest while you are actively working and complete the investing part before you enter the retirement phase.

Financially secure individuals understand the importance of taking the right steps towards financial stability and safety for the evening of their lives.

They start with a sound plan which can be undertaken for an agreed number of years until retirement; ideally, in retirement, you should be able to opt for other things that add meaning and value to life such as traveling and engaging in hobbies.

If you still haven’t thought about planning for a financially secure retirement, you can start right now. It is never too late for anyone to start thinking about planning for the time period beyond our working years. It is always a good idea to start early and avoid being stressed about investing when nearing retirement age.

Here are some positive steps you can take towards securing your retirement with financial stability –

  • Review your current financial status to understand how financially secure you are in working towards a safe and secure retirement.


  • Choose a financial plan that allows you to invest towards ensuring a financially secure retirement process.


  • Be aware of the rapidly changing economic constraints and shrinking income levels that might not allow for savings.


  • When it comes to investing, make the right choice of professionals to manage your investment for retirement.

We must remember that planning for retirement should not be left to ponder later – some do not plan in advance and end up planning for retirement at retirement. Which means that you may be left vulnerable to financial constraints when the working years come to an end.

Therefore, it is an individual responsibility to explore sound options and choices when it comes to planning a well taken care of retirement. Those that will give you financial independence, stability and peace of mind.


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