Why female entrepreneurs must think differently for business success in 2022

Female entrepreneurs must think differently for business success in 2022.

With the impact of COVID-19 and a growth in digital marketing and online transactions, female entrepreneurs must be able to think differently to ensure that business success will come in 2022 and beyond.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, more and more women owned businesses are experiencing c hanged circumstances that must one faced with confidence, challenges that must be overcome and a path carved out of the confusion towards greater business heights.

But what does it really mean and how can we do it?

Think outside the box. Do things differently. Let’s see how.

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Build your reach online –

Everything online is either trying to sell us something or get our attention – it is a world that constantly relies on good content and great reach.

Whether you have a small or a medium scale business, plan on building and expanding your reach online.

This often means increasing your followers, getting a bigger audience and more engagement from that audience.

If you have a budget, you can boost some of the content but let the growth of the engagement come organically so that it will be more solid and will last longer than a paid reach.

Consider value-addition to your product or service –

Value addition is the ultimate when it comes to enhancing the scope of your product or service.

This applies to your business whether you are a female entrepreneur or not.

Value addition can be adding the next step of action for your product or service or including an aspect that will enhance its appeal to the customer.

This is where you need to be innovative and think differently. How would your customer expect you to add value to your product or service?

For an example, if you are producing tea can you add a flavour to it or pack it as as a ready-to-drink brew? Value addition can be undertaken in many forms.

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Keep track of changing technology –

As entrepreneurs, it is vital for us all to keep in sync with changing technology and payment landscape.

Try to understand how market dynamics have changed specially in the aftermath of the pandemic. Some changes can be opportunities while others might be challenges.

But understanding technology and how it has enabled businesses to run despite the lockdowns and other restrictions will help you scale your business to meet tech challenges.

It might even be a good idea to incorporate some of those changes such as cashless payments, online store and enhancing your image online to build a bigger customer base.

Do something new –

The future is entirely in the hands of those who do things anew or differently.

Think of different ways in which you can incorporate something new to your business. Maybe a new way of reaching customers, enhancing your business potential or even utilising resources.

Doing things in a new way can be being more conscious of the environment,  recycling some of your supplies etc.

It might beeves in giving back to the community.

But remember that unless we think differently in 2022, we cannot guarantee ourselves business success.


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