How to make perfume last longer – tips to know

We all wear perfume but do we know how to make perfume last longer?

Anyone can wear a fragrance but wearing it well, creating an aura of sweet smelling notes around you takes some work.

How to make perfume last longer is common sense – but it also means being aware of wearing it the right way so that you make the maximum use of the fragrance.

Perfumers and creators of fragrances that are iconic and lasting believe that in order to make a perfume stay longer, there are some things that you need to do.

The lasting strength of a fragrance depends a lot on the environment ( hot and humid means the scent evaporates faster with the on set of sweat) and the time of day as well.

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Don’t use perfume on wet skin or in the shower –

Skin must be dried in order for the perfume to be absorbed – using a costly fragrance on wet skin is likely to dilute the fragrance.

Wait till you are out of the shower before using perfume – give your skin time to dry out before using fragrance.

Don’t rub your wrists – just spray –

We are so used to seeing the movie stars do this in films but that’s not the right way according to the experts.

The friction caused by rubbing is likely ro heat up the skin which the. will proceed enzymes which can change the fragrance and how it smells on your skin.

The top and middle notes of the perfume will be affected in this manner ; for an example, a floral perfume that is dabbed and drubbed in this manner would lose it’s crispiness and appeal. What you need to do is spray light on your wrists and let them dry and you will be making the bets use of your perfume.

Be aware of your environment –

Shifts in temperature can set off chemical reactions in the natural ingredients used in perfumes. Sunlight can impact the fragrance as well, and also impact the colour. Never leave your perfumes in a place where there is sunlight or equally bad is water – so shower areas are not the best since humidity and vapour can build up the moisture around the perfumes, affecting them negatively.

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Storage is important too –

Some people actually store perfumes in refrigerator and pour out into smaller vials that can be used daily. This way, even bigger bottles of perfumes can last longer.

Even if you do not refrigerate your perfumes, where you store them is important. Experts recommend storing away from sunlight preferably in the boxes the perfumes were bought in.

Perfumes are a combination of the natural ingredients and synthetic molecules –

Even today, a certain amount of synthetic combinations are added to natural ingredients and essential oils to create a lasting, high quality scent.

Which is why it must be stored right and used right in order to ensure the maximum output of your favourite fragrance.

Use perfume on exposed areas such as arms and pulse points of the neck –

The best points to use perfume on are the pulse points of the neck, wrists and inner elbows.

When you sweat, the body’s natural oils can interfere with the perfume. A good idea is to spray your scarf, hair or the dress lightly so that the scent will linger on.

When you wear perfume, it must not ideally be areas covered by clothes – example, don’t spray on your chest or back unless you are wearing a backless dress. The clothes can hinder the fragrance.

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