Plan your shopping this Season with Seylan Bank Cards

Have you already planned your seasonal shopping for Christmas and New Year?

Check these great tips and offers on getting the best out of your last minute  shopping this Season.

With a multitude of seasonal bargains ion offers, there’s not been a better time than now to hit the shops.

You can enjoy all these, and even greater incentives, when you shop with the right card.

We all love shopping but what is important to know is to plan and manage your shopping so that you get more done with less time. And of course, get more offers and incentives.

Planning your shopping goes well with some of the greatest offers  available for cashless transactions – this is where Seylan Bank Credit and Debit Cards go a long way for ardent shoppers.

Seylan Bank offers incredible options for their customers, with cash back offers  worth Rs 5,000 – Rs 10,000   when you use Seylan Credit and Debit Cards every time you shop.

Also exceptional discounts, fabulous shopping experiences.

Check out the tips and advice given by Seylan Bank Cards  on making the best of your seasonal shopping.

  • Plan your shopping –

We all love shopping but what is important to know is to plan and manage your shopping so that you get more done with less time.

Planning your shopping means getting ready in advance and planning your budget as well.

Keep track of your expenses during the Season.

Make sure you do your shopping early so plan for it in advance.

  • Make a list of your shopping needs –

From jewellery stores to fashion houses, clothing, hotels, restaurants and elsewhere, there are great offers for shopping during the Season.

Make a list of your shopping needs so that you know exactly what you will be shopping for.

This way, you will be able to make better use of your shopping trips and make sure you have everything you need.

Watch out for seasonal discounts and special gifts –

Check social media for great offers and incentives – seasonal discounts are many.

With these offers, you can make the most of your shopping for the Season.

You can plan your shopping trips around the great offers and gifts – just make sure your shopping schedules are worked around the days offering the incentives and discounts.

Avoid last minute rush –

Remember to include all those you are buying gifts for, this Season.

That way, you can avoid any last minute rush.

If you can get your shopping run done in advance, you will be able to avoid unnecessary last minute rush.

Be safe with your shopping – stay alert

As we stay conscious of the threats posted by COVID-19, we need to be mindful of personal health when we shop – wear your mask at all times, sanitise and be conscious of your own personal space.

Be conscious of handling cash and related complications that arise with the COVID-19 protocols.

Wash your hands when you finish your shopping and remember to be considerate of yourself and others and follow proper guidelines for good health.




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