How does a diabetic manage eating out?

A diabetic manages eating out with great care and attention.

In our Diabetic Tips today, we bring you advice on how to best eat out without spiking your blood sugar.

Check out the restaurant fare –

It is always a good idea before a diabetic eating out to check what is available on the menu.

This way, you would know what food to ask for and what to avoid. Watch out for red flags – most flour based items even though they may say are made of wholewheat or atta, can still have a component of wheat flour which will make sugar shoot up.

Remember to take your medication along –

If your medication includes a dose around mealtime – at dinner or breakfast, don’t forget to take along the medication which ¬†you can take before eating.

Never eat out without taking your diabetes medication first since often, restaurant food may contain additives that might impact your blood sugar negatively.

Ask about the food you are going to choose –

Sometimes restaurants include sugar in most items for flavour and taste. Ask after the food you are choosing and make sure there’s no sugar or surge based additives to the best of their knowledge.

For an example, for sugar based drinks, you can ask them to replace soda to ensure sugar is avoided.

Remember, staying healthy is vital to every diabetic and therefore, sugar levels must be managed well especially when we eat out.

Think of options you can have safely at the restaurant –

From the time you open the menu, think of items you can have without worrying about spikes.

For an example, you can safely have vegetables, meat or fish, pulses , legumes and beans without your sugar spiking.

Even safe carbs such as brown rice, millet, sweet potatoes and buckwheat flour or gram flour can be eaten when at a restaurant as long as you exercise portion control.

Opt for a mix of items that are considered safe for diabetics ; that way, you need not worry about rising sugar levels when you come home.

Avoid alcohol based drinks which can increase sugar levels –

Eating out is often accompanied by al alcoholic drink ; for a diabetic, this might mean an increase in blood sugar.

While it is ok to have a single glass of wine, increasing your consumption of alcoholic drinks can be dangerous for a diabetic.

You need to watch out for combined offers with drinks that sometimes businesses deploy to attract customers. Best to avoid such things that can make your sugar levels rise.

Drink healthy alternatives such as green tea –

Drinking healthy choices are vital to accompany a meal out. While you can stick to coffee or tea, green tea and herb based drinks, flavoured water and healthy lattes can be great choices to make to go along with the food.

Remember that everything you take into your mouth as food or drink will ultimately impact your blood sugar for better or for worse.

This can happen more often that not when eating out so you need to be mindful of it.

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