How to wear a gown styled fashionable abaya ..

A fashionable abaya can be anything stylish – for an example, gown styled abayas have become fashionable for a variety of reasons today.

As more and more classic looking and elegant abayas enter the fashion world, the more women want to embrace them.

To be fashionably clad in classic abayas is no longer a dream but a reality – as more and more designs are made available.

Let’s look at how you can incorporate stylish gown styled abayas into your wardrobe.

Silhoutte styled abayas –

Abayas that are long and flowing with classic lines is a great way to wear an abaya for everyday occasions or special ones.

Choose one that is versatile with elegance – soft colours like blush pink, emerald green or beige. The cut is important here – while being classic, it is also not fussy and is simple. Yet the lines are clean and straight, avoiding style traps.

The elegance of this is in its cut and flow, much like a designer dress.

Denim abayas –

Denim is a versatile , widely used material that can be coupled with anything.

A denim abaya can be a great choice for casual outings and can be pared with sneakers or slip ons to complete the look.

Try to compliment the outfit with a scarf or a hat to enhance the look.

Denim abayas can be easy to wear and appropriate for occasions that call for casual gear with minimum fuss.

Turkish style coat abayas – a fashionable abaya

Turkish style coat abayas look formal and elegant for work days and formal occasions.

It can be paired with an equally elegant head scarf for a complete look.

Choose from solid colour fabrics for the coat and a contrasting colour for the inside wear.

These can be made out of the same colour , one dark one light or complete contrasted for a different look.

Combine a plain abaya with a printed head scarf –

This can be a great fashionable look – combining a printed head scarf with a plain coloured abaya.

Pick a neutral colour for the abaya to make the head scarf stand out as a classic accessory – the neutral colour can be the theme colour in the head scarf as well.

A different twist on everyday clothes , fashionable abayas give you the opportunity to experiment with colour and design.

Panelled abayas are fashionably sleek –

Panelled abayas can look chic – when two colours combine to create an elegant look that is well put together.

The panels can be in a contrasting colour with the material of the body of the abaya – not can be a design or a simple panel that will compliment the colour and the design of the abaya.

Abaya with a statement sleeve –

Sleeves that are long and fashionably cut can compliment a simple flow of a classic abaya.

Choose a design that will incorporate classic lines and a well cut design in sleeves – whether a long sleeve with a flowing design or sleeves that are buttoned at the wrist.

Sleeves can accentuate the main frame of the abaya, bringing a look of elegance and style.

Kaftan styled abaya for special occasions –

Kaftan styled abayas are a great choice for special occasions, recalling the royalty themed elegance reserved for that feel and look that is indeed special.

Choose contrasting colours or embellishments such as sequins, thread work, embroidery or tassels to make a fashionable abaya yours.

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