Growing old gracefully – How not to be that eccentric old person

Growing old gracefully – this is not just a goal but a challenge as well.

For many of us, growing old is something that came from nowhere and grabbed us by surprise.

None of us was ever ready to embrace old age but here it is upon us – and what we can do is to understand the importance of being able to understand and go along with it.

Often enough, without even knowing, some of us become eccentric in old age – we develop habits,  routines and preferences for various things that when disturbed, turns us into irritated souls.

Well, there are many ways in which this can be managed without anyone of us turning into bitter old folks with grumpy complaints all the time.

Let’s look at a few ways of growing old gracefully.

Be flexible with your ways –

As we get older, growing old gracefully is not always a reference point for some of us.

Some of us want to do things our own way. You may want to fold your clothes in a particular way or eat a snack at a particular time of day. There could be hundreds of other little things about which you may not be willing to compromise.

That’s a part of getting old.

Yet, if we are mindful, we can find ways to be accommodating – especially to those closest to us.

Being flexible in old age is easily said than done – it does take an effort but it is worth the effort.

Take the time to do small things slowly –

Sometimes all our lives, we have been busy ; busy with a job, work, children, running a home etc.

The most important things in life are the small everyday things we take so often for granted but are very important in building strong relationships and sustaining them.

Find the time to do the small things you would rush through before.

Listen to a song. Admire the flowers in the garden. Say hello to someone in need of conversation.

They are little things but they can mean a big difference in life.

Nurture the relationships you have –

There was a time when we worked on building relationships – now we need to sustain and nurture them.

Reach out to those who were once close to you ; maybe siblings, aunts or relatives.

Invite them for coffee or a meal. Find the time to wish for birthdays and remember to call and ask after someone who may’ve fallen sick.

Relationships are the ties to our souls and can be deeply nourishing and empowering when we work on them.

Make it a point to go out –

Often, especially since the lockdowns, some of us are reluctant to leave home.

Becoming a recluse can be damaging on many fronts ; when we start avoiding socialising and company, we set the path for erosion of ourselves.

It is good to go out even on small errands and meet people, talk and make connections – a sociable life is vital to keep us going as we age.

Human relationships and connections are among some of the most important aspects of life for all of us – at every stage of life.

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