Why solid colours compliment every wardrobe

Solid colours compliment every wardrobe – a fashion staple that is understood by all the well dressed ladies everywhere.

We love our flowers and our bright colours but solid colour blocks work well with every wardrobe and every body shape.


Solid colour is a great way to address any occasion and build elegance.

Fashionistas have long known the power of just one colour.

Solid colour helps build a silhouette –

A lengthy, elegant silhouette is built when you wear a solid colour block – often, muted and natural colours such as black, dark blue and grey can work well any wardrobe to make you look sleek and elegant.

Solid colour blocks are good when combined as two colours – for an example, grey with blue or tan with black.

The solid colours are known to build height as well, giving an oblong view of the body.

Solid colours are known as power colours –

Solid colours work well with the work environment as well.

Dressing the part and looking professional is vital for entrepreneurs and others who seek success at work.

In fact, solid colours form the bedrock of power dressing.

For office wardrobe essentials and staples, solid colours work well.

Avoiding floral patterns, bright colours and bows etc that are fussy is best for power dressing at work.

Solid colours can be fashionable at any time of day –

You can confidently wear solid colours to any occasion – at any time of day.

In fact you can go from morning to evening with solid colours that would work for both times of day.

Solid colours can look impeccably well groomed at any time of day, helping you navigate the fashion world with success.

Solid colour can compliment any outfit –

When you choose solid colour blocks, whether you are wearing a dress, sari or any other outfit, you can be sure that it will compliment the dress or the outfit you have chosen.

One colour all over is always indicative of elegance and a fashionable presence – makes you look well put together sainted of being all over the place.

Solid colours never go out of fashion and are always looked upon as refreshing and chic at the same time.

Solid colours be the building blocks of a great wardrobe –

Build your wardrobe on solid colours – they can compliment other designs and fabrics. For an example, a black skirt is a staple for all items in your wardrobe. Or a black pair of pants or even a dark blue pair of pants can go well with just about anything.

A white pair of linen pants is a must for all casual clothes and can be the base for you to build your casual wardrobe and grow from there.

Solid colours don’t need much planning – you can wear one , combine it with any accessories and be out of the door as fast as you want.

Since they compliment any accessories, solid colours are no fuss alternatives to other colour combinations that need thinking and planning every time you plan to dress up.

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