With face masks, focus on stunning eyes – which is trendy now..

With face masks, focus is on stunning eyes – great looking make up tips for all of us who are waiting to wear make up again.

While lipstick is still very much on, even under the mask, the eyes can stand out on its own – and that’s where make up can help.

This year, with all the lockdowns and travel restrictions, there has been no clear cut interest run make up although it is still a whole lot of fun to look at make up trends and styles.

So what can we do to highlight the eyes and make them the focal point of the make up journey with the masks?

Pay attention to your eyebrows –

Great looking eyes start with the eyebrows.

Not everyone can afford derma blading which gives that impeccable eye brows but everyone can try paying some TLC to those brows.

Eyebrows are the window to your eyes – pay them attention. Get them tweezed and threaded. Brow pencils or powders are popular.

You can fill your eyebrows in slowly with a steady hand, starting with the top and slowly working your way to the end of the arch, sticking to the natural flow of the eyebrow hair.

Remember to keep it natural so use a colour close to your hair – dark or light brown. Avoid black since it might look too severe and made up.

Spend some time studying the structure of your eyes –

With face masks, focus on stunning eyes is very much trendy.

You may have close set eyes, wide eyes or hooded lids. Whatever your eye shape is, you can work on them to make them look great.

Start with a natural platter of shades and work your way out.

Start with the inner corner of the eyes , choosing to pile on colour as you work out, touching the area beneath your brows last.

Work on your eye shadow first –

Choose the basics – natural and light shades for the day and darker, bolder colour for the evening.

Load colour softly onto the eye socket area – you can use a slightly darker colour here which can contrast with the colour closer to the eyeline.

Use a softer colour on the area beneath the brows to enhance your eyes.

Blend well.

You can highlight this area as well with a highlighter.

Be careful with the liner –

Whether you use a pencil eye liner, a pen eyeliner or a eyeliner powder , you need to be careful of how you use it. Start at the beginning of the eye and work your way out.

Use colours that are natural – dark browns and low blacks work best.

Powder eye liners also work with smoky eyes. Pencils and pens are great for sleek office days.

Doing the liner on the lower part of the eye can be tricky and is ideal for evenings – to enhance the look.

Use mascara to finish –

Using mascara must be done carefully.

You can start at the end of the lashes and work your way up.

Be careful with the lower lashes – smudging can happen and can ruin your look.

Apply only one coat if you are attending a day function.


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