NSB – Empowering women in the workplace and the community 

As Sri Lanka’s leading state-owned savings bank, National Savings Bank (NSB) has a unique footprint in the world of finance in the country.


NSB, a proud participant of the Satynmag.com CIMA SL Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2021, is led by a dynamic lady at the top, Keasila Jayawardena, Chairperson who has extensive experience in empowering women in the rural areas with her outstanding work at the grass root level.

Keasila Jayawardena Chairperson of NSB

She has headed the RDB and the Kandurata Development Bank where she worked directly with women in the community, helping them with livelihood initiatives and sourcing markets for their products.


NSB has come on a unique journey of growth and expansion – the Bank started operations in 1972 with a goal of encouraging Sri Lankans to save. The Bank has grown in strength and stature to emerge as one that not only caters to the needs of the community at large but also is known as a powerhouse of strength and stability.


At its core is a committed team of professionals and experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to drive the Bank’s unique position. Women form 55% of the NSB entire work force, holding a unique place in the Bank’s structure – 43% of senior management are women.


The opportunities made available in career development and growth for women at NSB are outstanding and one of the best in the state sector. It is a fact that adds value and merit to their role as a participant in the country’s first ever Women Friendly Workplace Awards hosted by Satynmag.com and CIMA Sri Lanka.


As an accomplished banker with a specific focus on community development and grassroot reach, Keasila Jayawardena not only heads the Bank but drives its core values with passion and commitment. Her focus lies in energizing and engaging with the communities that need economic support and upliftment. A key area for her is empowering women entrepreneurship – an area that she has worked previously with exceptional results.


“Empowering women with entrepreneurship is a cycle that must be managed well – its success lies not only in helping them to develop products or services but also connecting them to markets. Then only they can thrive and build strong businesses.” Says Keasila, who is credited with building many communities economically during the previous tenures at RDB and the KDB. 

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