What you need to know about your body when you hit 50

Your body when you hit 50 changes considerably.

What do we need to know about our bodies when we hit 50?

5o today is no longer what it used to be – with long life expectancy rates and modern medicine, many of those who hit 50- and beyond live active, constructive lives that are engaging and enjoyable.

While some of us do choose to retire and others opt for work until Sixty, the questions about our health remain.

Despite the miracles of modern medicine, we have to understand that human bodies do age with decreasing capabilities.

While some of us may still live active lives, exercise and eat healthily, it is good to know the changes that impact our bodies we we get older.

Let’s look at what things we need to know about our bodies as we age.

Immune system after the age of 50 is no longer what it used to be –

Your immune system after the age of 50 no longer makes as many fighter cells as it used to – which means you are likely to fall sick more often. Of course, eating a healthy diet and staying active, exercising, getting adequate sleep and hydration are key factors that will keep you healthy.

Losing hearing after 50 –

Your body when you hit 50 is changing.

Many people report a hearing loss of about 40%, according to the experts, after the 50s hit.

While this is natural with ageing, those who suffer from acute conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure may notice this more than others.

Bones that age can cause problems –

As they get older, your bones cannot repair bone decay as it once could – as a result, you can suffer from brittle and painful bones.

In order to stay healthy and keep your bones healthy, engage in exercises such as strength training and stretching exercises such as Pilates.

Losing muscle mass and balance –

As you get older, you lose muscle mass as your body goes into slow decline ; however, strength training with weights can help you stay healthy. Improving your balance with balance exercises is also vital to ensure you can maintain balance in everyday situations.

Stay sharp with enhanced mental health –

Your body when you hit 50 can also experience a decline in mental health and staying sharp.

Your mental health as you get older is vital – mood swings and staying within repetitive set boundaries can be harmful. Find the time to engage in hobbies, reaching out to others, exercise and conversation to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Take care of your heart –

With conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure affecting many as they age, it is important to keep your heart healthy – check your cholesterol often and engage in daily activity and exercise. Manage your weight and your diet ; eat healthily and cut down on fat and quiet smoking if you can.

Hair loss as you age –

Losing hair as you get older is inevitable but taking care of it can help. Oil massages and taking supplements for hair loss can help. You can always keep colouring your hair. Getting a nice hair cut is vital instead of letting age show in your hair – manage it well with regular cut, shampoo and conditioning.

Menopause can be painful for some –

As your body goes through menopause, some women find it very difficult to deal with the symptoms and the process. For others, being free of periods is a liberating experience although this means your body will no longer have the benefit of oestrogen as a healthy hormone.

The most important thing is to stay healthy, active and enjoying life as you get older. This is your time to enjoy your life – you have earned it.


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