LOLC – empowering women in the Sri Lankan corporate world…

LOLC is a proud participant in Sri Lanka’s first ever Women Friendly Workplace Awards hosted by and CIMA SL.

Across most of its business sectors, female representation at decision making levels is high with 22% female representation in the senior management at a Group Level. LOLC is truly committed towards empowering women in the workplace through the unique women centric polices and initiatives.


Sharmini Wickremasekera – Chief Risk Officer –LOLC Group

Sharmini joined LOLC in 1983 and counts over 38 years of experience  in Risk Management, IT Governance, Finance and other areas of multiple specialisations.

A member and a past President of ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter, she was the first female to be appointed to this position – she is also the first female to head a professional IT association in Sri Lanka.  As President of ISACA SL Chapter, she pioneered the first ever IT Security awards in the country when IT Security was a relevantly new subject in the country.

As a mother and a wife, she believes that the company gives women at LOLC the support needed to thrive in their careers and has been a beacon of encouragement and empowerment for her and other female colleagues.

Further, due to the internationally accepted standards been followed by the Risk Management process, Compliance & Governance processes at LOLC she was instrumental in the Group bagging an achievement award for the GRC process of the Organisation in Washington side by side with the USA treasury.

“The trust & confidence placed by my Organisation on me made me reach a work-life balance with a high level of motivation and energy. Its noteworthy to say that LOLC Management was always willing to embrace change. This I believe is the reason for the success of this Group. The Organisations culture gives us the challenge of doing the impossible. We do have the freedom of speech for expression of our views whenever we require to do so. The sense of ownership and our commitment makes us strive to do our best always.”


Nadika Opatha – Chief Executive Officer – LOLC Life Assurance

The Insurance Industry the world over is a male dominated industry. Even in the Sri Lankan Insurance industry, women representation at the Board level stands at 29% with Management, Staff and Field Force having a similar ratio. Despite the Sri Lankan statistics, LOLC Life consists of a solid 32% of women within its workforce and complementing this, the women composition at Board level stands at 66% and the Executive Committee has a 33% ratio.

With a strong representation of women in the Board and Executive Committee, we maintain an environment conducive for all and is free from any form of harassment (including persecution on the premise of race, religion, gender, age, nationality, social origin, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or opinion) and any form of sexual harassment is considered as an act of misconduct.

Similarly, we advocate an environment which strictly prohibits violence against any one of our female employees. LOLC Life, as a responsible company, provides a balanced and fair work environment for all, as we comply and respect all values of humanity.


Nadika is an accomplished career woman with a stellar career in financial services spanning over 24 years – she has experience across multiple platforms such as insurance, finance, operations, regulatory, product and channel development, setting up business partnerships, team management and performance management. Nadika is the only female CEO in the insurance industry which consists of over 25 companies.

In addition to her role as the Chief Executive Officer of LOLC Life Assurance Ltd, she was recently appointed as the Executive Director, Serendib Insurance in Cambodia, a subsidiary of LOLC Holdings.


She brings a wealth of experience and expertise that enables her to shine as one of LOLC’s star career women – her commitment and her professionalism as a female leader shines a light on the path of career growth for other women within the Group.


Gayani de Silva – Chief Officer – Customer Relationship Management – LOLC

Gayani joined LOLC as a Management Trainee shortly after she was enrolled as an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. She also holds an MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), University of Sri Jayawardenapura.  During her lengthy career of over 25 years, she has held several key positions such as AGM Value Chain Management, Head of Corporate and Marketing Communication, Chief Officer SME & Development Finance and Chief Officer Customer Relationship Management. While she has extensive experience and knowledge in financial services covering all aspects of the business, some of the key areas she has excelled in are, credit, marketing strategy, value chain management, corporate restructuring, strategic planning, business development, strategic tie-ups, SME and development finance, portfolio management, contact centre management, sales funnel management, productivity and process management.

She believes that LOLC’s dynamic culture and innovative approach to business presented her with the opportunity to reach the higher echelons of corporate leadership. She encourages women to pursue their career aspirations and to always give their best at work, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Commitment, focus and updating one’s knowledge continuously are the key success factors!

LOLC’s team of accomplished women enhance the potential of the Group to emerge as a vibrant women friendly workplace.



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