Fostering an inclusive and flexible culture for women at Seylan Bank

“With the country at this critical juncture, our commitment to making a positive difference together has never been stronger.”

Seylan Bank is a proud participant of the CIMA SL Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2021.

Over the last two decades, there have been some encouraging improvements in gender equality in the Sri Lankan workplace, but there is still room for improvement.

The private sector, including employer and business membership organisations, and the public sector play an important role in closing gender gaps in the workplace.

Seylan Bank has made it a priority to empower women, recognizing that the diversity and talent of its workforce creates value for customers and shareholders.

“We understand that having a more diverse workforce allows us to be a stronger community partner. While our work to make the Bank an inclusive institution will never be complete, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made, particularly in terms of gender representation at all levels,” says Amanthi Motha, Chief Manager- Human Resources, Seylan Bank.

For Seylan Bank, gender equality and equal employment opportunities have always been important principles. We believe that the future workforce will be an equal one, and it has set ambitious goals to achieve gender equality sooner rather than later.

Currently, the Bank employs 1,482 women. In addition, women make up 27% of the board of directors and 45% of the board committees. Furthermore:

  • 20% of the senior management staff are women
  • 34% of the management staff are women
  • 20% out of the total staff cadre is managed and led by women
  • 46% out of the total staff cadre are women

“The extent of employee diversity within an organization—measured by gender, age group, service duration, and ethnicity—is critical for human capital stability. That’s why we’re dedicated to promoting gender equality and equal opportunities in the workplace,” explains Amanthi.

The obstacles posed by COVID-19 will continue to affect Seylan Bank’s operations, but this will not deter the Bank from investing in workplace policies and programmes that promote women’s growth at all levels and in all business areas.

The ‘Bank with a Heart’ will continue to invest in its women to ensure equal access to all company-supported education and training programmes, including development of Technical, Business and Behavioural competencies.

“Seylan Bank is committed to promoting equality in the workplace and fostering an inclusive and flexible culture—one where everyone can realise their full potential and make positive contributions. By making this commitment, we will be able to improve our retention rate of female employees, resulting in increased growth and sustainability for the economy at large,” says Amanthi Motha.

Seylan Bank is a proud participant of the CIMA Sri Lanka Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2021. The Bank is grateful to the organisers for recognising corporate and state-owned organisations that encourage and empower women at the workplace.


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