Peoples Bank – empowering women with a 60% representation throughout the bank

Empowering women is a key criteria for Sri Lanka’s leading state owned bank, The People’s Bank. With a 60% representation of women across the bank, the Bank remains firmly committed to encouraging women to climb the ladder of success across various banking related fields of work. People’s Bank is a proud participant of CIMA SL Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2021.

The team at People’s Bank includes many courageous and talented ladies who have undertaken a journey of success.

Bhadranie Jayawardhana – Director

A senior member of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service, she possesses a stellar career spanning  thirty years. She has served in key positions for the Government and counts extensive experience at multiple levels. Currently serving as the Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and a Board Member of The Development Lotteries and Mahapola Trust Fund, she brings her expertise and experience to the People’s Bank as an empowered woman of achievement.

As a professionally competent and highly qualified career woman, she has been recognized and feted for her contribution towards various initiatives undertaken successfully within her career. She has received several honours and awards ; organising the 15th Summit of SAARC (2008), managing the 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (2013) and  the Visit of His Holiness Pope Francis (2015)  and mitigating the first wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic (2020) are among her laurels. She held the post of Colombo Municipal Commissioner during the time when Colombo was ranked as the “World’s fastest growing city”. In addition to serving as the Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Bhadranie  has also served as a member of the Delimitation Committee of Local Government of the Western Province.

Renuka Jayasinghe – DGM – Retail Banking, Process Management & Quality Assurance –

Having joined the Bank in 1987 as a Management Trainee, she counts over 33 years of experience in  banking. Her lengthy career has covered several areas in branch banking at various levels such as Branch Manager, Zonal Senior Manager, Regional Manager and Asst. General Manager, Deputy General Manager (Business Support Services), Deputy General Manager (Cooperative and Development), and Deputy General Manager (Retail Banking). Currently she handles the functions of  Deputy General Manager for Process Management and Quality Assurance. Her experience and expertise as a professionally qualified senior banker has encouraged many women who have climbed the career ladder at The People’s Bank , where empowering women is a key area of engagement for the bank.


Muditha Karunarathne – Chief Legal Officer –

She joined The People’s Bank as an Assistant Law Officer in 1992 having qualified as an Attorney-at-Law and has gained experience and expertise through the ranks- she counts a career spanning over 30 years with the bank and has hands-on extensive experience in legal matters for the Bank.

She has achieved recognition during her career to the top to head the Bank’s Legal Department – capping a career of exceptional achievement and experience undertaken across various banking spectrums within the Bank.

In 2007, she served with the Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat, the Regulatory Authority of Upstream Oil and Gas Industry in Sri Lanka which functions under the Ministry as the Director Legal and Land – at the time she also served as the Secretary to the Petroleum Resources Development Committee.


Krishani Narangoda – DGM – Enterprise Banking

Having joined in 1987 as a Management Trainee, being her is a career spanning over 33 years ; having served in areas such as Branch Banking, Overseas Customer Services, Offshore Banking and Corporate Banking under various management roles, she currently functions as The Deputy General Manager handling SME, Development Finance and Microfinance. Empowering women through recognition is central to the Bank’s road forward and includes many successful women bankers  like Krishani.

As a professionally qualified and a highly competent banker with exceptional experience, Krishan brings her wealth of experience and expertise to the Bank’s pool of know-how.


Jayanthi Kurukulasooriya – DGM – Strategic Planning, Performance Management & Research

She is a Gold Medal winner of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka and counts a dynamic career of 26 years in various banking fields – from Branch Banking, Credit, Staff Training, Human Resources Development, Credit Administration, Channel Management and Retail Banking.

A professionally qualified banker who brings industry insights and banking expertise to the Bank as one of its empowered women, she functions as a role model for young and aspiring bankers.


Roshini Wijerathna – DGM – Risk Management

Roshini manages Risk Management and Credit Control function of the Bank. Behind her is a 26 career of Treasury experience ; since 2003, she has deputised the Primary Dealer Unit of the Bank and the Treasury before taking over risk management.

A professionally qualified banker, she has served as the past President and Secretary of the Association of Primary Dealers and is a member of the Sri Lanka Forex Association, Association of Professional Bankers and Association of Banking Sector Risk Professionals.

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