HNB Assuarance PLC – a women friendly work place starts right here…

With a formidable presence in the country’s insurance industry for over 20 years, HNB Assurance (HNBA) has always encouraged a vibrant and thriving career path for their female staff members.

HNBA commenced operations in 2001 as a leading provider of insurance solutions backed by the strength of a financial powerhouse, Hatton National Bank PLC. Today, with a range of life insurance portfolios offered  to customers, the Company has created a niche in the market for their stability and strength.

Recognized as the 06th largest operator in the Life Insurance market, HNBA is also firmly placed among the top 100 brands in the country and holds a “National Insurer Financial Strength” Rating of A+ (lka) given by Fitch Ratings Lanka Ltd.

HNBA is firmly committed to a policy that places their staff at the heart of their operations – they play a strategic role in empowering growth and driving the future of the Company.


A women-friendly organization starts with a human friendly work place

The HNBA team strongly believes in the power of diversity – their team consists of employees who represent various religious, ethnic, social and provincial affiliations and belong to different communities. Everyone has access to equal opportunities at HNBA.


Women in Leadership at HNBA

With a lady chairperson, Mrs Rose Cooray at the helm, it is pertinent to note that three out of seven core functions at HNBA are managed by females. Their

 philosophy of work assures everyone that the business is not just about the numbers driving the way forward – but rather, ensuring a system of checks and balances that safeguards equity.


Tools such as annual performance reviews, pay comparisons, recruitment mix, critical roles played by females and other measures give much needed insights to understand dynamics and address deviations. Performance indicators capture achievements while a consistent monitoring process of measuring the results enable the Company to ensure an optimum balance.


“ We understand the importance of decision-making with a gender optimized outlook and consistently work towards enhancing the inclusion of female leadership at decision-making level. To date, 35% of our managers are females, and hold decision-making authority for different sections of the business. Many have grown through the company and  personify the opportunities available to them to climb the career ladder.  Given the fact that our core operation is insurance,  females currently head all our departments in Life Operations Division and we are proud of that.”


Empowering the process of climbing the career path –

HNBA  encourages and supports the women on their team to achieve their career goals – many who occupy senior positions come through the ranks. The Company believes in encouraging them to enter next level teams as well, consolidating an adequate number of women in future leadership roles.


There are considerable opportunities in training and development, coaching and mentoring provided to the team. Empowering development of self is actively encouraged; employee education programs are financially supported  under the Education Reimbursement Policy and offers many programs for employees to enhance their professional qualifications. 


” Don’t look for a man in a woman’s body, appreciate and celebrate her uniqueness” 

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