DFCC Bank  – Empowering women in the work place with dynamism & focus

Empowering women in the workplace with dynamism and focus.

As a truly Sri Lankan bank with a firm foundation, The DFCC Bank is proud of the ladies on its team.

Their contribution has been a driving force in the Bank’s growth trajectory ; the Bank takes pride in their achievements and celebrates their success stories.






Iresha Kumbukge – Vice President Credit Administration.

Iresha who started out as an Executive Trainee is currently The Vice President – Credit Administration. Managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapting to the new normal while ensuring safety was a challenge. “DFCC has always empowered my career of 20 years –  through a consistent process of training and mentoring along the way.” She says.

“Will there be a smooth road to a banker’s career? The key to success is dedication, smart work and adapting to an ever changing business environment.”

Suseema Abeyrathne, a Senior Manager of DFCC Bank is passionate about her role – she believes in balancing the roles of being a wife, mother and a careerwoman with optimism, empowering women in the workplace.


“In my career with the Bank, I have been able to overcome challenges  – while being able to balance work and home life with an equal level of commitment. Working as a Branch Manager in a heavily driven target oriented competitive environment means making sacrifices and overcoming obstacles but as women I believe we can get it done.”


Sheron Mendis, Assistant Vice President – Payments and Cash Management is an avid cyclist and a foodie who loves outdoor adventure and sports. She says there are challenges for women in sales but thinks that all challenges can be overcome.


“ Gender has not been an issue at DFCC Bank – everyone is treated alike and is recognized for their contribution.Gender is only how you are born physically. What you make out of yourself and make up for your career is purely up to you and your attitude towards life.” She says.



Harshani Samaradiwakara is Asst Vice President/ Branch Manager who counts a career of 15 years with the Bank.

“The journey of transformation from a development bank to a commercial bank has been challenging yet we have had leaders who trusted our skills, mentors who guided us and colleagues who supported.

DFCC is an equal opportunity employer where we can thrive and grow.”

“Use both our heart and brain to create a positive impact at every moment. Be true to yourself and unique.” She says as words of wisdom for women who are aspiring for success.


Nilmini Gunaratne is  The Vice President – Marketing & Sustainability

 A marketing professional, when not at work, she unwinds by spending time with her family and listening to music. She believes that being a woman can add complexity to the challenges faced. “It’s tough being a woman but we bring empathy to leadership and that makes a difference.”

“With 43% of the Bank’s employees being women, we have access to a fair working culture and equal opportunities for all.”

“Break  boundaries and chase after your dreams with a passion for what you do – never think that you cannot achieve anything you put your mind to just because you’re a woman.” Are her words of wisdom.


Chinthika Amarasekara is the Chief Financial Officer of DFCC.

       She is a finance professional with over 30 years of experience in the financial world. She has seen accounting standards change over time and finds the current digitally driven environment stimulating to mitigate.                                         

“ DFCC Bank encourages women to reach higher standards in their professional career by providing required exposure. I strongly believe that in place of ‘not ready to do it’ women can tackle what seems impossible and learn by doing it.”


Amanthi Balasooriya Dahanayake is Vice President of Credit Risk Management.

As a down-to-earth individual, she believes in giving her best to her chosen career ; moving out of her comfort zone and taking up duties in a new area was challenging but she says she was able to do it due to the support she received from the Bank.

“Having started my career at DFCC, the training and grooming that I received in my professional life is all thanks to DFCC.

The culture here has been nurturing, encouraging academic and professional development.”

Having joined the Bank as a management trainee, she has always felt safe in the Bank’s environment. Even if it involved travelling to different areas on work and returning late, the culture of safety and protection ensued.

“Never compromise with your conscience.” She says as her advice to careerwomen out there.

Empowering women in the workplace is vital for every company’s growth.

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