CBL Group’s workplace culture empowers women to be leaders of change

Sheamalee (Shea) Wickramasingha – Group Managing Director of the CBL Group, one of Sri Lanka’s largest food conglomerates producing leading brands Munchee, Ritzbury, Revello, Tiara, Samaposha, Nutriline, Lankasoy and Sera. CBL’s total employee base exceeds 6,000 and is spread across its 09 subsidiaries in Sri Lanka and 03 overseas.

Shea started her career at CBL in 1991 as a Food Technologist, progressing to different management positions before taking on the role of Managing Director for the Group. With an academic background in Food Chemistry, Food Science and Industry, she has been a strong driving force behind CBL’s focus on sustainable growth and she says that one of the most important factors in her role was a deep understanding of the business and the dynamics of the business with the world around it.

Under Shea’s direction the Group has focused on adding value to local supply chains and expanding manufacturing and export competencies, undergoing several successful transformations to decentralize its operations, consolidate management capabilities and further diversify its portfolio.

Her role, she says gives her the opportunity to put ideas into action, working with talented and committed teams and collaborating with national and international agencies to create sustainable commercial activities that have a meaningful positive impact on the organization and the world around it.


Nishka Wickramasingha – Group Director of the CBL Group, overlooks the CBL Food Cluster with CBL brands Samaposha, Nutriline, Lankasoy and Sera.

Nishka has a background in Food Science and is a Chartered Marketer. She started her career at CBL in Quality Assurance and R&D with a focus on food innovation and currently oversees the rapidly growing food cluster where there is a keen focus on nutrition innovation.

Under Nishka’s direction, the cluster has grown exponentially, launching products that offer easy, convenient and versatile nutrition options for the daily diet.

Nishka says she’s most proud of how her team has evolved over the years. “Perhaps one of the most important things about having women in leadership is that we can facilitate those conversations towards the change we want to see. We focus on a work environment that reflects our core values of caring, quality, innovation and integrity and that, has made a difference.”


Kumudini Welmillage – Director – Corporate HR at the CBL Group, believes that HR policies, processes and HR teams must create the right environment to enhance human capabilities for sustainable business results.

Kumudini led the Group HR team to steer the transformation of CBL’s people processes to ensure that, as the Group expanded, it’s culture of caring, high performing and continuous learning stayed consistent.


Kumudini says “The Group HR team, was able to achieve great milestones in our transformation journey, mainly due to the collaboration of our Directors, CEOs, and our Senior Managers.”


Attracting the right talent and developing them to perform at their best; with robust performance and talent management processes, effective employee relations strategies and strong rewards and recognition platforms are vital to deliver purpose driven business results and CBL’s workplace culture has empowered the CBL family to consistently achieve tremendous results on every front, despite the challenges of the pandemic.


Yoga Senaratne – Cluster General Manager – Supply Chain of the CBL Natural Cluster which processes, manufactures and exports organic certified products.

With a strong academic background in Business Management and Finance Administration, Yoga is a Chartered member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK and counts over 18 years of industry experience.

Under her leadership, the cluster established an integrated supply chain management system based on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and an E-Supply Chain initiative that helped transform the Natural Cluster’s business relationships with supply chain stakeholders and, support better supply chain outcomes through centrally driven distribution and logistics.

This improved supply chain and logistics mechanisms supported the cluster to seamlessly connect with its stakeholders and improve savings and productivity.

Yoga says that for supply chains to be sustainable and successful they must be diverse, inclusive and agile and CBL’s culture engages, supports and empowers employees to achieve these aims.


Darshika Jayasekera  Cluster General Manager – International Sales of the CBL Natural Cluster which processes, manufactures and exports organic certified products.

Darshika was tasked with transforming and elevating the standards of export sales operations & management. Under her supervision, the cluster has implemented measures that have improved overall organizational performance.

The Cluster has expanded rapidly into new markets and despite the challenges of the pandemic, it has maintained strong export progress.

One of the key factors for her to be motivated in her role at CBL is the intervention of the company to develop and support talent and Darshika says CBL provides opportunities for development and creates an environment for female employees to thrive in unconventional career roles.



Nayana Abeysinghe Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public is the CBL Group’s Group General Manager – Legal & Company Secretary overseeing the complex legal interactions of Group and its subsidiaries with its key stakeholders and ensuring legal compliance of the Group locally and globally.

As CBL’s Chief Legal Officer, Nayana has the immense responsibility of guiding the Group’s compliance strategies and she says that as responsibilities rise, it is important that the work environment supports the individual to thrive.

Nayana says, “I was a fan of the CBL brands even before I joined and, my team and I have the opportunity to support CBL’s operations and purpose through our work keeping our business interactions compliant and responsible.”

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