AIA Insurance Lanka – Creating strong foundations for empowering women at work

“Women’s empowerment starts within you: In the corporate world, women need to believe in themselves and their own empowerment.

They need to create their own identity while creating, nurturing and transforming in their unique way. I’m proud to say that AIA Insurance Sri Lanka has created a strong foundation to facilitate and empower women to succeed.” Thushari Perera – Director Human Resources.

AIA is a proud participant of the CIMA Sri Lanka Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2021.

AIA has prioritized the empowering of women in the workplace and takes pride in noting that the power of diverse and talented people create value and deliver customer and shareholder expectations. 

At AIA Group, women represent 59 % of employees as at end 2020. Across markets, AIA strives to create an inclusive workplace and are proud to be an employer of choice for women across the region where 39 % of our senior leaders are represented by women.

AIA Sri Lanka has been feted with the ‘Best Workplace for Women in Sri Lanka’ for three consecutive years. A key focus for the Company is  promoting diversity in the workforce and driving gender parity. 

“39% of our permanent cadre are women with 20% representing senior management. Increasing the number of women in leadership positions was a very important task for us while ensuring that senior management and the board are represented by experienced and talented individuals. To do this, we strategically and systematically identified structural barriers to women’s progression within the company and took proactive measures to mitigate those barriers,” says Thushari.


The Company affirms that over 5000 hours had been invested in female employees through formal development, foreign secondments, mentoring and coaching mechanisms which has enhanced female representation in top management, registering an increase from 13% at the start of 2020 to 38% by the end of the year. 

“We understand that women by nature are caregivers and always tend to put other’s priorities first.

We firmly believe that a supporting environment will empower one individual who in turn can make a positive difference that affects the entire organization, or even the communities that we live and work in. “

As the First EFC member to extend a comprehensive maternity benefit scheme for the female employees in Sri Lanka, AIA has set a new standard. 

The scheme covers motherhood leave of one hundred (100) working days, with full remuneration, special pre-confinement leave and feeding intervals until the child reaches the age of one year.

Further benefits are extended through the newly introduced ‘New Moms’ support scheme, which allows the working mothers to reimburse the expenses arising from purchases of new-born baby essentials or related childcare payments, until the baby is two years old.

These initiatives have resulted in 100% of mothers returning to work post maternity. 

A special scheme for adoption, where the mothers are given 30 working days in order to bond with the child, has also been pioneered at AIA.

Flexible work arrangements for female employees is another key benefit offered to our female employees ; this provides half day work arrangement, work from home and hybrid work arrangements on a need by need basis. This flexible work arrangement has helped them in fulfilling their career dream while attending to the needs of their children. “

AIA’s commitment towards helping people live healthier, longer better lives also extends to our employees – “ we will continue to push barriers for the betterment of women in the workforce.


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