Yohani de Silva – Sri Lanka’s very own global female rap icon..

Sri Lanka’s very own global female rap icon just hit a million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Yohani de Silva made local music history with her stellar rise in the South Asian music charts – with no less than Amitabh Buchchan himself sharing her song “Manike Mage Hithe” on his Twitter feed.

The song featured on her YouTube channel has hit over 38 million views and continues to rise.

Malayali and Hindi versions of the song are requested by thousands of her Indian fans who love her voice and her own unique style of singing.

A world class achievement as a global female rap icon –

An achievement by all standards for a young and talented rapper – Sri Lanka’s own global female rap icon, who is doing Sri Lanka proud right now. Not just because of the the numbers but also because she has established her own unique style of rapping, very much her own individual self and has built on it slowly but steadily instead of paying homage to someone else.

Yohani comes from a military background – her father is a retired Sri Lanka Army Officer , Major Gen. Prasanna de Silva who served during the civil war. She grew up with the uncertainty that faced every family with serving armed forces personnel ; yet, in many ways, it seems to have moulded her personality towards building resilience and strength; not giving up but determined to pursue a path she has carved out for herself.

She is known for her music – yet, the singularly important success in her journey is not only breaking into a huge market in the subcontinent and the rest of the world but also capturing in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

With all the potential to be a global female rap icon, Yohani personifies a lot of things for us to draw everyday strength from.

Never giving up on a dream –

It was a tough journey but she never gave up.

Not everyone commended or rallied around her – there were brick bats and there were bouquets. She chose to appreciate the bouquets and celebrate what she could do best ; create her own music for her fans.

Long before the current hit came along, she was doing her own thing, releasing several other hits, setting the tone for the eventual major success that would launch her into regional and eventually global stardom.

The lesson – never give up. Especially when others don’t take you seriously enough to recognise your talent. There’s always a way to the top if you believe in your skill and talent for the journey.

Developing her own unique signature style –

Yohani is unique – not only because of her talent but also because she has developed her own unique signature style of singing, not copying someone.

That make a huge difference – whether you are rapper, a singer, a writer or an entrepreneur.

Never follow someone else’s style. Always develop your own and stay true to that. What defines you is your own style and how you convey that to the world. That is what sets you apart from the rest.

Emulating others is not for those who have inborn talent and the skills. There is always hope in doing your own thing, your way.

Yohani is living proof of that.

Humble with success –

Yohani shares a message on Facebook that assures her fans that despite the fame, the million subscribers and a hit song with 38 million views and counting, she has been and will always be who she is.

Someone with her feet firmly planted on terra firma.

A vital lesson for anyone and everyone trying to climb the ladder of success – take the example of the guava tree – the more fruit it bears, the lower it gets so that many can access the fruit.

All the best Yohani from all of us at www.satynmag.com – may you shine on the global stage as Sri Lanka’s gift to the world of music.




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