Why you should not be afraid to negotiate salary as a woman

” No wonder women don’t negotiate as often as men. It’s like trying to cross a minefield backwards in high heels.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sheryl Sandberg – COO – Facebook

There’s more than a ring of truth to Sandberg’s words of wisdom when it comes to negotiating a salary.

Women all over the world do not negotiate salaries and benefits the way men do.

And that’s a fact.

Research conducted globally has indicated that women do not usually negotiate with confidence, thinking that it might be socially awkward for them to do so.

But what research tells us can also be overcome – as more and more women join the workforce, being assertive and confident of your own self worth are issues that would add value not just to your own personal value but also to your company.

Satynmag.com is committed to making women in the workplace confident and strong in being able to believe in themselves and give their best to their careers.

This is why we believe that you should have the confidence and the ability to negotiate with commitment and assurance.

Check out these tips on how you can do just that.

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Be assertive about your own worth –

You know what your value is – not only in monetary terms but also in how you are able to perform the function for which you are applying.

Remember that being assertive is something that you have to specifically develop – you must be determined to do this without giving in to pressure or social conditioning.

Tell yourself that you have to be determined to ask for what is due to you – in recognition of your skills, talent and capabilities.

The hardest person to convince is you yourself. Once you allow yourself to understand this, it becomes a little easy to proceed to the final encounter.

Understand the importance of negotiation –

It is normal for every employer to negotiate a salary and perks with a would-be employee.

When two parties negotiate, each party does the best to get his or her terms adhered to – you must understand the power of negotiating the right way.

When you are confident or what you are asking for, you also need to be assured of being able to justify why you are asking for what you are asking for.

Negotiating with a professional attitude without showing too much of emotion and vulnerability is vital for successful outcomes.

Remember to stay patient and collected – and speak with confidence.

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Be ready to meet the offer half way –

There are times when you need to be able to meet the negotiation half way – this is a practical application of knowing what you are worth but also knowing the limitations that come with the job.

Often, meeting half way means you are agree on a mutually palatable solution.

Of course, this means you must be able to grasp the realities of the job and its salary allocations. But it doesn’t mean that the job would be more or less valued because of the salary being negotiated.

Back up your negotiated salary with your ability to get the job done –

Salary aside, you must be able to assure your employer that you are able to get the job done.

Which is why you should assure your employer of your capabilities and skills, not only your ability to negotiate.

In the end, remember that negotiating your salary, meeting the job expectations and assuring your employer of your skills are one package – of being able to understand and meet the goals of the job.

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