Why you need to strengthen your immunity as you age…

We need to strengthen our immunity as we age.

That’s a fact – not just during COVID-19 times but also under normal circumstances.

Why is immunity important for ageing?

As we age, our bodies lose their natural ability for immunity and the ability to ward off illness.

But there are things we can do to ensure that our immunity can be built and enhanced – some are very simple yet significant, especially in fighting the pandemic’s deadly impact.

Check out the following tips.

Build your immunity with exercise –

Breathing exercises that can be done with regular exercise such as walking or Pilates, build your immunity slowly but steadily.

When you exercise your body, your heart and your lungs are made stronger, along with the rest of your body.

At any age, exercise is the best way to enhance immunity and build physical endurance.

Watch what you eat –

Over time, some foods can help build our immunity while others can compromise it. Strengthen your immunity with healthy food.

Food that are naturally sourced, less processed and packed with naturally occurring vitamins are the best to build immunity.

These include fruits that contain Vitamin C, vegetables and other grains and legumes.

Our diet can do a lot of good or harm to our bodies – it is important for us to understand the importance of this.

Remember to include fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses in your everyday diet. These can contribute tremendously to your wellbeing and good health.

Take supplements –

Taking vitamin or nutritional supplements are important as you get older. These can reinforce immunity and help ageing bodies build good health. Strengthen your immunity with supplements.

It is important not to over-do this but only take those that are vital for everyday good health.

Including them in your daily intake is vital to build and enhance immunity.

Develop active daily routines –

Everyday little gestures can help us stay strong instead of feeling weak ; this is important to build over-all good health and vitality.

Tasks such as gardening, cleaning etc are important to ensure everyday strength. Be careful but remember to include them in your daily routine.

Never think you are too old our too weak for everyday fitness ; reduce the intensity but do include them in your daily wind. The more healthy you are, the more active you should be.

Get proper sleep –

It is important to ensure you get a good night’s rest for your body to develop and enhance immunity.

Try to go to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday to build a consistent sleep schedule for your body.

Lack of sleep is a key contributor towards age related illnesses. Ensuring adequate sleep is something you must be committed to.

Try to wind down everyday – slow down your activities around the sleep time, drink something hot and try to relax.

Watching high levels of activity such as action movies may disturb the winding now and you must be aware of such activity.


Remember that building your immunity is not a short term goal but a long term commitment that takes a lot of work.

As we get older, we must make it a priority to build our health.



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