Satynmag Beauty Awards – Recognizing Sri Lanka’s own small beauty brands…

Satynmag Beauty Awards are here.

Sri Lanka’s own beauty brands are now gaining ground fast – in the absence of foreign products and as customers seek high quality natural ingredients, more and more Sri Lankans are turning to home grown brands.

Some of the Sri Lankan skin and hair care products are of excellent quality and offer great benefits too.

Most of these products are developed and marketed by women entrepreneurs who themselves have felt the need for high quality skin and hair care.

In a first ever gesture recognizing the Sri Lankan beauty brands, we at Satynmag have commenced a unique gesture that seeks to add validation to the high quality brands developed by Sri Lankans.

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Satynmag Beauty Awards 2021 –

We have put selected brands to the test with our first ever Satynmag Beauty Awards 2021.

The brands that have the potency to brings results – not just cosmetic makeovers but real results – have been tested and recognized by a panel of judges consisting of some of the best known names in the skincare industry.

The panel of judges consists of well known beauty expert Ramani Fernando who holds a unique position as one of Sri Lanka’s finest in the industry, Dr Cherry, Aesthetic Medical Practitioner who runs her own practice and Nisha Senaviratne, Certified Make Up Artist, one of the most well known beauty influencers in Sri Lanka.

They are putting the products to the test and they will be sharing their insights and feed back with us so that we can present to you the best Beauty Brands of Sri Lanka.

Using locally sourced ingredients to create world class products –

While Sri Lankans love their favourite global brands when it comes to skin and hair care, our very own Sri Lankan brands in skin and hair care have undertaken extensive research, innovating products that utilise locally sourced ingredients.

Most of these ingredients have been time tested and have been used in Ayurveda and ancient skincare rituals for centuries.

Today, they are combined with new technology and know-how to create brands that offer strong benefits and great feel-good applications.

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Brands that deliver value and potency –

Sri Lankan beauty brands of today are created by experts, professionals who bring together know-how in traditional and herbal ingredients as well as cutting edge skincare and hair care know how.

We as Sri Lankans are proud of the products that put us on the world map of skin and hair care.

Most of the products are created to treat common conditions such as acne, skin imbalances and dry skin – often delivering results that assure the user of gentle treatment and potency.

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Satynmag Beauty Awards will pave the way for Sri Lankan beauty brands to make their mark globally –

We are proud of our very own Sri Lankan brands – we believe that they have the potential to become big on the global stage too , given their quality and efficacy.

Which is why we are showcasing these brands, giving the the platform and the validation needed to present their exceptional formulas and results.

It makes us proud to be able to recognise these brands.

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