Rebuild social life after vaccination – here’s how ..

Rebuild social life  – for many,  getting out of COVID-19 blues is easily said than done.

But then, if you are vaccinated, you can take comfort in the fact that with the right health guidelines, you too can venture out.

Yet, if you are hesitant and still not sure how to get back into social circulation, here’s a little guide on what steps you can take

to ensure life can be after all, resumed once again.

So maybe not on same terms as before but rebuild social life you certainly can.

Check these tips out.

Go out on small errands –

Make sure you wear the right gear – mask, if needed double mask, face cover and sanitiser spray in hand.

Remember to wash your hands before and after you come home and change your clothes.

Keeping your excursions small initially will contribute towards enhancing your confidence and your operational field as you

become confident and capable of going out alone.

Be conscious of the importance of maintaining social distance – avoid crowded places but remember that it helps to visit bigger outlets

where there is adequate room for you to get your work done yet maintain the distance.

Go for a treat –

We don’t have to forego a small treat as we try to rebuild social life.

You can always treat yourself to a favourite snack or a dessert in the midst of everything we are going through.

Enjoy small pleasures while you can – head out into your favourite restaurant or eatery for a special snack – of course you

need to ensure you are following the COVID-19 protocols at all times.

Invite a friend over for a coffee or a meal –

Now that restaurants are open under health guidelines, it might be a good idea to invite a friend for a cup of coffee or a chat.

Social interactions are as helpful to us at a time like this as vaccinations.

Without it, we can experience bouts of various mental conditions – from depression to various phobias.

Social activity need not be big for now – just one friend, one happy reunion with nothing particular but small talk, can stimulate our brains and keep us going.

Make an effort to go out without staying home all the time-

For some people, going out feels threatening. Not just because of the pandemic but due to social inertia that sometimes prevent some of us from going out, fearing being infected.

But the downside is that without human interaction outside our homes – even simple efforts like going to the supermarket or a coffee shop, we can withdraw into a shell with not-so-healthy consequences.

It would be a good idea to explore slowly but steadily as you choose and pick where you will go out.

Invite someone over –

This is something you have to do very carefully – only invite one or two selected people who have also been vaccinated.

A meal or a tea is a great time for fellowship and company. You can observe health guidelines such as wearing a mask, keeping the distance and washing hands and santizing.

Remember that while the pandemic and its threat is still very real, we don’t have to forego simple pleasures of life such as going out and inviting company over – as long as we remember to follow the health guidelines.

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