Influencer power – Tok Tok influencer with a 07 million following, launches skincare line

Influencer power is growing in the world of digital. And also it seems, in actual stores.

Hyram Yarbro, a TikTok influencer with a 07 million following, almost 12.5 million across YouTube and Instagram, has emerged as the voice of skincare for the Generation Z.

Influencer power such as Hyram’s, is growing – it is the new phenomenon in the vast space of the internet – experts are everywhere and their word is taken as the truth by millions of fans.

Case in point – Hyram recommended a skincare brand to his followers on TikTok not too long ago and that product just flew off the shelves.

Naturally, Sephora saw an opportunity and before long, Hyram has launched Selfless by Hyram which is predicted to be a hit with his following.

Power of influencers is gaining traction with not only younger audiences but also older ones who increasingly choose to engage with brands and influencers across social media channels. This is more so relevant to beauty topics.

How do beauty influencers gain so much traction?

Influencer power is gaining traction everywhere.

Beauty influencers build their audiences through constant engagement. Influencer power works because it is like a friend or someone we know recommending beauty routines, tips and products to us which makes us feel good about the whole thing.

For many, recommendations and endorsements work like a magnet, giving the featured products an immediate boost.

Beauty influencers usually do their homework so they know what they are talking about – which also gives them expert status when it comes to beauty topics.

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How is it a thriving business?

When you have over a million followers on social media, you are immediately setting yourself a huge audience reach – you can sell literally to all those people who constantly follow you.

That’s how beauty and other influencers work to bring in the money. It comes as a result of social media views, endorsements and sponsorship deals.

It makes perfect business sense to be able to plug a product on their videos and social media content, giving those products leverage and a voice to reach customers online.

Hyram’s story  – without any beauty qualifications, his rise to stardom –

Hyram has no professional experience and expertise.

But that hasn’t stopped his growing influence over his audience.

As with all influencers, his key point is the commitment he has shown in dealing with his own skincare issues, thereby creating a position of trust and expert status.

Everyday people in fact can relate more to those who are not technically experts but who can be convincing because they themselves have taken that journey.

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How it works to build credibility –

Influencer power works best when it is sincere, authentic and relatable.

With his social media presence, Hyram has done just that. His stories are relatable, believable and consistent to his audiences.

He started out sharing his own skincare journey which soon enough became a platform for real time, actual advice and tips. This way, he was able to garner traction and build credibility.

Beauty influencers like Hyram are the future of beauty industry – they offer more scope and promise than the professionals who have dominated the industry before.

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