Princess Diana’s 60th Birthday – what would she have been like?

Princess Diana’s 60th birthday lets us pause and look at what she would have been had she lived.

The People’s Princess met an untimely death in Paris 24 years ago. Her memory has lived on in the hearts of people across the world.

Today, as her sons Princes William and Harry remember their mother with a beautifully curated garden in her memory and of course, her statue, we like to think of what she might have been had she lived to be 60.

Diana was the Queen of Hearts –

There wasn’t a heart that she didn’t touch across the world.

Her charisma, her compassion and empathy especially with marginalised communities reached out to empower people everywhere.

The famous images of her hugging AIDS victims and landmine victims stunned the world but also brought the Princess in line with the everyday sufferings of many.

From the start, she was destined for greater things as a people’s princess – she made a point of raising her sons to be constantly aware of the struggles of normal people, by taking them to hospitals and other places princes would normally not congregate.

In all aspects, she was a humanitarian and a princess of the common people.

Yet like all people, she had her shortcomings too. When her marriage to Prince Charles fell apart, she tried to find love elsewhere but none of it worked out in the way she had hoped it would.

In the end, she was a lonely princess with two young sons who was yearning for true love when she died in a Paris car accident, away from her sons.

Diana would have helped her sons build their personalities –

Had she lived, the two Princes may not have had to face the animosity that has built up since Prince Harry left the Royal Family with his wife Meghan Markle.

She would have helped the brothers build their bridges – they had already been the victims of a broken marriage by the time she passed away.

But had she survived the crash, she would have been able to bring them closer and helped them form their own identities, bound together by their brotherly bonds.

She is remembered on her iconic BBC interview saying how Prince William as the heir apparent would need all the support of his brother Harry – she would have been able to reinforce this, allowing the brothers to settle into the roles of heir and a spare as envisioned.

The brothers continued to suffer from not having a mother to go to, so that they could solve their differences.

Diana would have cemented the humanitarian destiny she created –

Princess Diana’s 60th birthday would have been an occasion to celebrate her iconic status.

She was the world’s most strongly identifiable humanitarian long before it became fashionable to do so.

She genuinely cared for those who were helpless and suffering, choosing to highlight their plight by being associated with them.

She would have shaped a greater narrative of her destiny as a global humanitarian personality, identifying herself with more and more causes that would have helped the people involved.

Her role as a global ambassador for some of the most justifiable causes was already sealed when she was alive – undoubtedly, she would have been able to cultivate these roles further, helping even more people in the process.

Diana would have become a global fashion icon even today –

Princess Diana’s 60th birthday would have meant she would have continued her legacy in fashion.

Her sense of fashion and beauty was emulated across the world then – having aged gracefully, she would have continued to be a fashion icon of elegance and good taste even in her middle age.

She is still very much an icon of fashion in the minds of many.

Her wedding dress is still considered a historic dress that not only introduced the world to the perfect elegance of a modern royal bride but also set a new standard for wedding dresses at the time.







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