Let’s fight cyber bullying – a Satynmag initiative with Hithawathi.lk and Ester Advocacy

Fighting cyberbullying is a need of the hour ; cyberbullying is a very present threat today.

Everyday, women, young girls and children, are subjected to online in various forms.

Some of it may seem harmless on the surface but can be very damaging to those facing it.

Cyberbullying can take many forms.

From a seemingly harmless yet sinister comment on a photograph to outright trolling and harassing, cyberbullying happens everyday to women and young girls even children, everywhere.

The only way to deal with it is to put a stop to it by taking definitive action.

For many victims, a sense of helplessness and despair marks the abuse they receive at the hands of perfect strangers online.

If you or someone you know is exposed to cyberbullying online in the form of comments, unsolicited photos, messenger calls or constant harassment, do reach out.

In a powerful initiative that empowers victims to come out, Satynmag.com has tied up with Hithawathi.lk and Ester Advocacy in encouraging women and young girls to connect with the platform #againstcyberbullying.

While cyberbullying is recognised as an offence under the Sri Lankan law, it can also result in the perpetrator’s accounts being blocked and IP address searched.

How do we handle cyberbullying the right way?

There are many ways to stay safe when working or surfing online – too many people do not take it seriously.

Just as when faced with physical violence, cyber violence must also be handled the right way.

Being cautious when connecting with unknown people online is also important to keep in mind. However friendly the people you are talking to may seem, they are not be trusted with personal information.

All conversations online must be kept as open as possible in order to avoid being bullied.

Never share your person details and photographs or videos –

Young girls are often duped into sharing their personal videos and photos, passwords and other personal data which is then breached or shared with others.

No matter how friendly someone you have met online may seem, never trust them.

Never share any information that can be used against you.

Avoid unnecessary arguments online –

Stalking and trolling start out as simple gestures of disagreement or sharing of opinion but may escalate into constant engagements with foul language and threats.

It is best to avoid such confrontations.

If you need to share your opinion, try to do it in a setting with friends only.

Never connect with strangers –

A good social media principle is never to connect with strangers.

However innocent, friendly or genuine a stranger might seem, always be cautious and check out the profile if you want to connect.

Never connect with fake profiles or those without a profile picture.

Many women and girls get duped into being stalked and abused through friendships formed with strangers who turn out to be stalkers or criminals who can blackmail, threaten or harass you.

Protect your profile online –

Always take steps necessary to keep your profile protected and safe online.

Be aware that criminals roam around the internet, pretending to be friendly, with the intention of either stealing your data or harassing you.

They could be sexual perverts as well.

If you are facing Cyberbullying yourself or know someone who is, do contact us on social media – we can take the steps necessary to help you.








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