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Take your pick from a range of homemade products from women entrepreneurs.

Each of them present freshly made produce, homemade and handmade products – every one of those products are made with the highest quality standards.


Mom’s Quick Mix is a range of great products made by a woman entrepreneur, Ameera Hilal

Available through, Mom’s Quick Mix products are homemade and consist of 100% natural ingredients.

“Only the finest ingredients and the most fresh ones are used for our products” Ameera Hilal says.

Her range includes Garlic Butter Spread, Garlic Paste, Ginger Garlic Paste and Sri Lankan Achcharu Paste – she has built a reputation for high quality products , delivered on time.

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Date Bar has a range of delicious products made by a women entrepreneur, Nishreen Ibrahim.

Available through, Date Bar products are”date -based” chutneys to give you what we call ‘a taste of home and consist of 100% natural ingredients.

Her range includes Date and Ginger Chutney, Lime Chutney, Tamarino Chutney and Date and Lime Chutney. She has built a reputation for high quality products , delivered on time.

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Sujan International (Pvt) Ltd is a  range of products made by a women entrepreneur, Sunanda Weerasinghe.

Available through, Sujan International  products are 100% vegetarian food processing.

Her range includes Apple jelly, Choco Mousse – cream topping, Chocolate soy milk, Soy choco malt, Instant custurd, Pudding Chocolate, Orange jelly, Real fruit pineapple soy, Strawberry Soy and many more.

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Homewear and high quality clothes are products that are made by women entrepreneurs Manel Fonseka and Dushani Jayathilake with highest standards in mind.

Manel Fonseka’s “Soft Sheet” has the best  Egyptian cotton bedsheets of  unique designs which are made with comfortable and breathable cotton fabric that does not trap body heat.

Her bedsheets has different sizes to suit your single beds, double beds, queens size, king size and super king size beds.

It give s luxurious look for bedroom with a reasonable pricing.

Dushani Jayathilake’s “Bliss Concepts” contains with variety collection of clothing with high quality attractive prints for children between 6 months and 2 years old. Each of her design has  four different colours for you to select.

Home Made Foods

Cynthi’s Kitchen is a home based catering outlet by Nayani Epitawala.

Cynthi’s Kitchen gives you a variety of dishes hygienically home cooked delectable recipes.

The difference from any other takeaway outlet is, our food is freshly cooked just for you and not precooked. Prepared with minimum amount of oil ,no preservatives or any other unhealthy ingredients added.

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