Mental health wellness – what steps to take..

Mental health wellness is a key area for everyone, irrespective of age and gender.

It tends to strike more as you get older and face life changing conditions such as children leaving the nest and retirement.

Sometimes we struggle to get everyday simple things done. On other days, we can become complacent, not bothering to do what we have to do.

In addition, we should also pay attention to our physical wellbeing, especially if we are engaged in a business or a venture that keeps us busy.

How do we overcome issues that challenge our everyday mental wellbeing?

Follow these easy steps to understand how you too can manage your mental health.

Develop every day simple routines for mental health wellness –

Routines are vital for us to maintain stability on an everyday basis.

A specific time to wake up and go about your morning rituals is important, according to the experts.

Activities such as cooking, cleaning and washing up maybe repetitive everyday tasks but they bring stability and predictability to our lives.

Often, we need that to keep us focused and grounded.

When you go through predictable routines, not only is it assuring but also comforting to know that everyday at this time, this is what you do.

Find time to do something you like doing –

It could be gardening, it could be reading or even cooking.

Find the time to do something that you like doing.

Spend sometime everyday doing it. Doing things we like to deliver dopamine that can boost our health – it sends positive signals to our brains when we engage in a task we enjoy doing.

If you are not used to doing something you like on a daily basis, find something.

It could be a simple task or a complex one or even an absolutely new task.

You are never too old to master new tricks, as they say so go on discover a new passion.

Engage in everyday small talk –

Talking to others in the family is very important.

Small talk as they say keep us engaged and works to build relationships.

You could engage in small talk as you take your tea in the morning – with your spouse or children.

It could be as you prepare dinner or watch TV together.

There are many opportunities in the day to engage in small talk that actually can serve as an outlet for pent up emotions.

Practice one social activity –

It could be talking to someone in need of conversation such as a mother with small children or an act of charity.

It could be reaching out to someone who is not well.

Or giving your time and energy to those who have less resources than you do.

When you come out of your shell and engage with others, you truly understand how small your problems seem.

Social activities are the glue that holds us together as a community.

Go out and see things and talk to people –

Not specifically during the pandemic but during normal times, going out and meeting people is vital for vibrant mental wellbeing.

It is important for us to be able to do this – especially at times when we feel like not leaving the home.

Make it an effort to go out – a deliberate move you will like as you go along.

Remember that mental wellness is key to physical wellbeing.

Start practicing it today.







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