How To Stay Productive During Quarantine

It may not be a lockdown this time but most of us are urged to stay at home during these unprecedented times.

The first lockdown let all of us take a break from our hectic lives and make some time for ourselves. Continuous lockdowns or being quarantined may be frustrating and your days may seem longer than usual.

One of the biggest struggles people are having while being quarantined is staying productive.

Because your days may be stuck behind those four walls for a bit, we’re taking a look at some tips to help improve your productivity during these trying times.

Here are some activities that you’ll be glad you did when it all gets back to normal.

Create a flexible schedule

Create a schedule that is actually reasonable for your lifestyle. If you’re not a morning person, quarantine isn’t magically turn you into one. Be realistic about your tasks and if you feel like you’re being drained by the end of the day, try to space things out.

This pandemic can be mentally and emotionally draining on an individual. If you feel like you need a break from things for a while, do that. Honesty is key, but if it’s merely laziness, then dump the excuses and get up and go!

Clean your space

Having a neat, clutter-free working space and home will instantly calm you down and reduce distractions. So, if by now you haven’t already cleared out all your cupboards, this is the time! Make your home the place that gives you energy.

Prioritize your to-do list

This may be an obvious one, but try to choose the tasks based on what has to get done that day. If you can, try pair activities together. Now that’s not saying you should try your new workout routine while learning how to cook, but if you have to do some work on the computer, why not do your laundry at the same time? Things you can pair are tasks that can be paused if one of them needs to take priority.

Take breaks

This doesn’t mean binge watching your favorite Netflix shows all day. Make sure to take time to rest, take a coffee break in the sun or a walk around the neighborhood (if you can still go out). You will come back with fresh energy to complete your activities.


Make time to work out regularly. Home workouts are as effective as going to the gym unless you need your weights. You can find so many and various kinds of workout videos on youtube. You also get gyms or gym instructors/trainers offering online classes, so take advantage of that! Doing physical activity will help you feel happier and energized.

Learn a new skill

You’ve probably heard this from dozens of people, but learning a skill doesn’t have to be a monumental thing. In some ways, it can just teach you something new or give you something to add to that resume. It could be cooking, learning a new language or even learning how to code. There are many great programs or courses online for free or subscription based.

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