Satynmag Celebrates Moms This Mother’s Day

Moms are special. ” God couldn’t be everywhere, so He created mothers…”

Since its launch in 1998, Satyn has been closest to the hearts of moms.

We have felt their pulse, understood their need and stayed with them to empower and encourage them to give their very best to their families.

Since 2013, as Sri Lanka’s leading women’s magazine totally online, Satynmag has become even closer to mothers everywhere, empowering them to become entrepreneurs, financially stable while taking care of their children and their home.

Today, as we celebrate yet another Mother’s Day, this time under pandemic conditions, we are featuring mothers who are readers of, entrepreneurs, business owners, career women and everything else in between.

Some of them are women entrepreneurs who are marketing their products on, our very own e commerce platform exclusively created for women owned businesses to showcase their products.

So as we wish every one you moms a Happy Mother’s Day, we are proud to feature our take on everyday moms.

A Mother’s Day tribute to a few entrepreneur moms…

Being a mother and an entrepreneur or a career woman, is tough.

Only a multi tasking, courageous mother could manage it all. They do it everyday, without a second thought and still go on to do great things at their work place and in their businesses.

We take pride in acknowledging  the roles these women play as business women and as moms. We asked these ladies how they manage it all – awesome mothers, raising their children in becoming amazing adults some day, all the while taking care of both fronts – work and home.

Manel Fonseka – Entrepreneur

Manel manages her own business of exquisite bed linen – her products are available on

“Maintaining my house work together while running my business is really challenging. Having a plan for each day and prioritizing my work helps me to complete my work successfully. I like to follow a meal plan, a cleaning schedule while organizing tasks and minimizing the time wasted. Enjoying the work I do keeps me happy and satisfied.”

Ishara Hassim – Businesswoman













Ishara Hassim runs her own business – the spirit of entrepreneurship runs in the family, with her daughters also running their own businesses.

“It’s never easy being a mom, trying to juggle a full-time job with family life. But I know it well since I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years now. It’s important to give our attention to our children as well as to what we love to do. After multiple attempts and solutions here I am.”

“Today, I run my very own class – Ishara’s School of Hobby Craft – both in Colombo and Wattala and I also have my very own online craft store – Sew with love. I run the class with my daughter Zaharin Hassim who conducts the kids classes.”

“My other daughter Zainab Hassim who is currently studying for her Degree in Psychology also has her very own online store With all hardship one day comes success.”

Kaushala Luvishewa – Marketing Executive – Litro Gas Lanka

As the mother of a little baby, Kaushala balances a busy work schedule working for a leading Sri Lankan company with her home front. Yet, she is able to do both successfully and believes that we as mothers have what it takes to do just that.

“Life as a mother is like being on a constant roller-coaster ride and being a working mother is even tougher. While multi-tasking is my watchword, that makes balancing motherhood and career much easier.” she says.

Surani Jayamaha – Owner – Blooming Cupcakes 

Surani manages her own business of making fabulous cupcake bouquets while managing her family. She thinks that mothers can do it all – with support from the family.

“Managing a business and ensuring a smoothly running home front has never been easy. Helping children and hubby achieve their dreams while pursuing our own is even harder but I think we mothers manage all these very well.”

Sanjana Senaviratne – Head of Marketing – Vogue Jewellers

Sanjana manages a busy career while taking care of her family – balancing both is a challenge yet she, like all mothers, optimizes both roles.

“Every working woman with children knows that her career is possible only because of the support system. Be it the partner, grand parents or caregivers, she needs to work with them as a team to ensure that both work and home fronts thrive.”

“She also knows the importance of learning to expect the unexpected. Her daily commitment and shouldering of workplace responsibilities and balancing household chores lays the foundation for the next generation to be the same.”

Wise words from a busy career woman.

Chamani Pathirage – Senior Manager – Channel Development & Business Communications – Litro Gas Lanka

“Amani, that’s me! The name stammered by my first born just as he was formulating his toothless tender mouth to attract my attention. Talk about ‘brands’, he coined this endearing name by merging AMMI + CHAMANI = Amani! My younger son followed suit.

My life revolves round my two sons Bhagya and Jivanka lovingly called ‘Buggy’ and ‘Jingle’ by Rohan and myself. They are the gravitational force that keeps me motivated to be a fashionable fun mum who has the insatiable drive to work with dedication, honor and pride as a career mum.

As a role model of the first ‘female’ my sons would mingle with, I have engraved in their hearts and minds that ALL girls/females are their parents’ little Princess, hence should always be treated like Royalty. Respect, understanding and patience are the magic ingredients I would pass on to my sons as a responsible ‘Amani’.

After all, ‘Motherhood’ becomes the Crowning Glory only if ones children end up being loved, honored and respected by all who come into contact with them during their own journey in life. I sincerely hope I have done the needful to society at large.”

Chamani knows what she is talking about. wishes all mothers a Blessed Mother’s Day.

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