Fiona Juriansz Munasinghe – Power Woman In the Kitchen..

Power woman in the kitchen – Fiona Juriansz Munasinghe wears the title with ease and aplomb.

Fiona, Director – Marketing at Hemas Holdings is the multi tasking mother, wife and career woman who juggles all of it at once.

At home with her children and her husband Hasrath, she says that cooking is always centered around what the kids want.

Like most career women and women entrepreneurs, Fiona has a busy career.

“Something simple” she says, as she puts together a simple meal for her kids – macaroni and cheese.

Weekends are when the family likes to spend time together. Her husband, Hasrath joins her in the kitchen as they put a meal together.

Spending time with children is vital, she adds , and a family meal together brings every one to the table.

Every power woman brings her family together in the kitchen.

Fiona’s favorite for her kids is Macaroni & Cheese.

“Difficult for me to get my son to eat vegetables” Fiona echoes the concern of every mother, as she puts together the Mac and cheese.

She is helped by husband Hasrath or her son with the grating of the cheese.

For busy career women like Fiona, cooking with efficient energy is vital to ensure that a family meal can be cooked fast and easily.

Fiona’s take on the Mac & Cheese favourite

Cheese – she likes to use as many types of cheese as possible so 03 types – you can take your pick

Garlic – a few pods crushed

Chilli Flakes

Cooked macaroni – 01 pack

Butter as needed

Salt & pepper


Method –

Heat butter in pan – keep stirring and add garlic and chili flakes.

Add the shredded cheese – fold in the macaroni toss together.

Add salt and pepper and more butter if needed.

Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes.

Option – Add flour before adding cheese, mix into the macaroni and toss with the cheese – serve hot.










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