Princess Diana’s wedding dress goes on show after 25 years – as her birthday looms..

Diana’s wedding dress was and will always be an icon of fashion.

When she wore the dress, much anticipated, to her wedding in 1981, it was a moment recorded for posterity.

The dress featured everything considered trendy back then and was one of Royalty‘s best known wedding dresses.

Bringing back memories of the Royal Wedding –

And now, after 25 years, the dress goes on show – bringing memories back closer to the date of Diana’s 60th birthday.

Designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel in 1981, the dress was made of lustrous ivory silk taffeta with lace ; the graceful bodice and the skirt included detailing with 10,000 pearls and 33mm mother-of-pearl sequins to make it fit for a Princess.

Diana wore a colossal petticoat made from over 90 meters of tulle, a lightweight starched netting that had to be “trimmed” into form like a head of hair. The taffeta bow was set where halves of her collar met. There were 140 meters of tulle in the veil.

The dress was bought by Lady Diana for £1,050 which was valued at £9,000 by that time. The dress is valued today for £35,500.

A closely guarded secret –

In the days before the internet, they could actually keep a secret.

Diana’s dress was a well kept secret, with designers David and Elizabeth Emmanuel making arrangements to get the Princess down for alterations and ensuring that the style met Diana’s approval.

The dress also is said to have the longest train ever created for a Royal – all of 25 feet.

Something blue, something borrowed –

The dress had all the traditional aspects to it, while being a lace and tulle creation with lots of frills in keeping with the trend of the times.

An 18 carat horseshoe was seen into the gown as a good luck charm while lovely old lace belonging to Queen Mary, Carimacross lace was used to trim it.

Included in the dress while a petite blue bow was also incorporated into the waist to include something blue.

The dress was crushed and the train was also crushed as Diana existed the coach at the church – there had been a miscalculation of the fabric needed to ensure a smooth transition from coach to the church but then, it went unnoticed in the presence of the radiant bride.

Fashion trend was set with Princess Diana’s wedding dress –

Princess Diana’s wedding dress set a new standard for fashion- puff sleeves and a full skirt were must-haves while the designer confirmed that even now, she gets hundreds of requests for Diana’s dress.

Such is its iconic status that even today, is acknowledged as a first ever for fashion statements.

Diana’s wedding dress perhaps could be seen as her entry into the world of fashion – she would goon to become an icon of fashion, making statement after statement with her exceptional taste.

A legacy of the Princes –

The two sons of Princess Diana, William the Duke Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex have graciously agreed d to lend  their mothers wedding dress to showcase at an exhibition “Royal Style Making” which will be held in Kensington Palace until January 2nd, 2022.

An unseen collections of the most  popular royal couturiers of the 20th century are to be displayed in the exhibition.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress will once again bring alive all of the special features that made it what it was – exquisite lace,  billowing sleeves, bows and the lace flounces of a dress that is known as one of the greatest British designs ever made.

The commencement of the exhibition will be on 1st of July 2021.

Even though Princess Diana was new to the world of fashion during her wedding time, Later on Lady Diana Spencer became a fashion icon of all time.

The wedding dress of Princess Diana will continue to be a fashion icon, a heritage and a legacy of her times and her life.



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